Seven ways to write and excite your valentine

Hi everyone.

It’s not long until the so called most romantic day of the year will be almost upon us.  Valentines Day.

You may be forgiven for thinking you have to put that pen to one side whilst you focus the brains cells on another creative adventure……..

Deciding what to get your loved one.

As I am sure you will all agree, nothing is more powerful than the written word, so I have come up with seven ways you can use your writing skills to woo your valentine.

1)  Write an erotic book for your loved ones eyes only.

2)  Stick post it notes all over your body with messages written on them.

3)  Make a keepsake book of photographs and write captions underneath them.

4)  Write an enticing message in the steam from the shower.

5)  Bake a heart shaped cake and pipe a sexy verse on to it.

6)  Make a collage of words associated with love and hang in your special place.

7)  Buy a fabric painting pen and write a tantalizing taster on a discreet piece   of clothing.

I will leave the rest to your own creative mind.

Have a good one.

Write soon.