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Remembering My Snugs With Love Always

This is the plant the vet gave me after Snuggle's Passed Away
Beautiful Flowers

In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles

Snuggles's plant sent by the vet last year

Snuggles with mum Sandra Bellamy

It’s really hard for me to write this post. A few days ago, it was the first year anniversary of Snuggles’s death. Writing it a few days later, does not ease the pain I feel inside, although I had hoped it would not feel so raw.

This is the plant the vet sent to me after she died. Normally flowering plants die on me, but not this one. It has more flowers on it than last year.

Snuggles – I called my snugs for short, was a best friend to me, she licked the tears from my face when my Grandma passed away last year.

I feel too emotional to write any more.

I love you my Snuggles always and forever more xxxxxxxx

What are Your Top 3 Guinea pig and Pet Party Theme Ideas? Guinea Pig Party Series Video Two

What are Your Top 3 Guinea pig and Pet Party Theme Ideas?

If it’s Guinea pig and other pets party ideas you want to know about, including birthday party ideas, check out this video from the Guinea Pig Party Series. In this video, the second in the Guinea Pig Party Series, Sandra Bellamy from http://www.quirkybooks.wordpress.com, talks about ideas for guinea pig or pet parties.
Ideas for guinea pig and pet parties, including birthday parties, include:
A hay party theme
An obstacle course party theme
A carrot party theme
A broccoli party theme
Dressing up theme – If the pet likes to dress up – Do not stress your piggie or pet out if they don’t like dressing up
You can have a guinea pig or pet party based on your guinea pig or pet’s age
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Write your ideas for guinea pig and pet party times in the comments below and lets share the guinea pig and pet party love

To let you know:

I am currently on vacation from my day job to work on finishing and publishing my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book, in e-Book format, by the end of next week. I am still teaching on Monday and plan to have that afternoon off, but every other day, it’s all hands on deck. It took me hours today, to find the last version or my manuscript to read. It’s 174 pages and I have more to add! So I will be extremely busy tomorrow and for the days to come. It’s one year ago since my Grandma died on the 13th of June, so that is a little sad, but she was/is amazing, and every day I feel her support of my work, to live my dreams.

I read ” How Life Works” by author Andrew Mathews, last night and finished reading it today. It’s most insightful about what we think, is to do with what we feel, and what we feel, is the reality we create for ourselves. It’s true, although a huge challenge to change some bad habits.

Andrew was an Author I saw at the Success 2015 seminar – From the National achievers’ Congress. He signed 3 books of his that I bought, and I had my photo taken with him. I haven’t uploaded that one yet. I am still catching up on blog posts. This video is from April 23rd!! So very busy with work, work, work!

Keep embracing your quirky and tell me what you think of my video?



How to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party!


How to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party!

This is my first ever ‘How to” video. Despite 5 or 6 attempts to upload it, and having lots of difficulties, I am pleased with the result. What do you think?

This is the description from my www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel

How to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party! In this ‘How To’ video, Sandra from Quirky Books, explains how to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party. She discusses, venue, guests, party theme, decorations, food, presents, cards and the safety of your piggie or pet.

In a friendly and conversation style, that’s to the point, Sandra explains how to make your guinea pig or pet, feel special on their birthday, especially with an age related card. She emphasises how important it is to put the needs of your pet first over your own. She discusses dressing your pet up, potential choking hazards and quirky balloon and banner ideas. If you are a guinea pig or pet owner, you will love this video.

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Write soon and keep embracing your quirky


Survival of the Sickest – Daisy’s first night of Survival


Chestnut was eating this food, not Daisy. Feeling blessed that Daisy is alive this morning. It’s survival of the sickest time. (Stay positive my sweet one. I believe in YOU.)


Daisy made it through the first night of a diagnosed respiratory infection.


Daisy (black and white) is not eating barely anything – A tage of hay and 2 chunks of kitchen towel. She is mischievous, even when sick.


This is Daisy’s companion Chestnut, in their Den, whilst I cleaned them out.




Daisy is still seriously sick and finding it hard to breathe. Prayers are still very welcome. Thanks to every one of you who has left us messages and prayed for Daisy, and for me, that Daisy will be okay. It means such a lot.

Write soon

Princess Daisy is Severely Sick – Prayers Welcome!


This is Daisy currently on my lap. I can feel her heart pounding through the towel and bag that she is laid on, as she fights to breathe and for her life. She has a respiratory infection, the vet told me this morning. She is not eating because she is having to decide wether to breathe or to eat.

As I type this, tears are rolling down my cheeks, I love my Princess Daisy, who is severely sick. I don’t want her to d–.

As she fights to breathe, there is nothing I can do but be here for her and pray the anti-biotics work. I wish I had realised sooner. I did notice her breathing was heavier and thought she may be developing a heart problem. Her mum Snuggles had an enlarged heart and used to breathe heavier and her Aunty Peaches used to make bad breathing noises, even though the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her. 4 weeks later, after the vet said that, she died of a respiratory infection and a genetic lung condition at the emergency vets.

I have to balance keeping Daisy warm, with having the window open a bit, all of the time, for her breathing. My nose felt like it had been in a freezer earlier, because it is so cold in my flat with the window open, but I feel she needs it open. I have never been one to function in the cold. My body tends to shut down and focuses on the cold and how can I get warm. I currently have a water bottle behind my back and one wrapped in my dressing gown, on my tummy, with Daisy on my lap, as shown in the photo.

All prayers for Daisy are welcome, the more positive energy we can send her through the universe, the better. I have told her she is a warrior and must fight it. It would amazing if NLP worked on guinea pigs, that is essentially reprogramming her mind, to overcome her current body problems. It’s not as easy as that in this case, I wished it was. I want her to defy the odds and beat this thing.

“To my Princess Daisy. I love you very much. I want you to fight this, to get better and live forever. Well, maybe that may not be possible, but certainly living a few more years is. You are only three. I will always love you my precious pig and all the money in the world, would not make me as happy as you make me feel inside. You’re so very special. You are from heaven on high and have come to bless me in this life. I want your blessings to continue to shower me with your presence. I want to continue to feel your warm body in my hand, to touch your precious fur and for you to understand, you mean the world to me, and I am happy for the whole world to see. You have such inner beauty, that shines outwardly. You are the love of my life, the one and only, with Snow and Chestnut too. There will always be a super special place in my heart, meant to always, be for you. I love you forever my darling Daisy and that love is everlasting. No matter what happens. I will always love you forever. Keep fighting. I totally believe in you. You can beat this. YOU, Daisy Bellamy are a warrior through and through. You have survived two major ops. Look what you can do. You can do anything, anything, you put your mind to. You are one intelligent, classy and courageous lady and you are mine. My Princess Daisy. I am not saying goodbye, I am saying, live, thrive, survive and flourish your way back to health and more happiness. You make the world a much better place, just by being yourself and loving me the way you do. I know you love mummy so much and I will always, always love you, my precious Princess Daisy. My love will always remain true. You are a blessing and a joy to know. So please don’t leave me, please don’t go. I would be lost without you. You are my angel, my guiding star, and you are the best thing that’s happened to me, with my other furry kids, by far. You mean the world to me, so fight it, fight it, my precious baby Princess Daisy. Remember, I Iove you with all of my heart and always will, forever and ever. Amen to that.”

I just read this out loud to Daisy as I wrote it.

Please pray for Daisy to survive, thrive, live and flourish.

Keep smiling and stay positive, everything happens for a reason, good or bad. Let’s pray, this ends up good.

Write soon


Love you Daisy

XXXXXXXX – 8 for luck!

Welcome to Daisy’s Quirky 3rd Birthday Piggie Party!

Hi everyone

Happy Birthday - Birthday Princess Daisy
Quirky Piggie Party 3rd Birthday Baloon and Card
Daisy after a visit to the vet to have an Xray and Implant
Love for Daisy
Chestnut in pigloo
Quirky Piggie Party Banner
Side shot of Birthday Banner
Daisy's Birthday Princess Birthday Banner
Daisy and Chestnut back from vets

Today is Daisy’s (black and white) third birthday party. Happy 3rd Birthday Daisy, mummy loves you xxxxxxxx

What Quirky things do you do to celebrate your pet’s birthday?

Daisy had to have an Xray today, to investigate backend hair loss and weight loss. She also has an implant to prevent ovarian cysts. It wasn’t nice as she had to be anaesthetised on her birthday, but better safe than sorry. Thankfully all looked good on the Xrays; heart, liver, lungs and she had eaten well. No visible lumps on the Xray, despite some small ones you can feel in her belly.

The only issue is her teeth, that are slightly sharper than they should be. She will be having a check up in a month’s time to make sure they haven’t grown longer, or become problematic.

Awesome news – I am featured on two websites, including a writing site, and will be talking about those in future posts, so watch this space. Tonight, is Daisy’s special night, and the lime light is all hers.

Write soon and keep embracing your quirky.