The Blog Tour and Staying Relevant: I Hope

Hi everyone

Welcome Mike to the Blog Tour. I tagged him in my Blog Tour post on Monday and it is enriching to find out more about this superstar amongst us. He has made it! He is living proof that you can achieve your writing dreams. He has a full-time career as a professional writer for the Guardian Liberty Voice. He is an actor and an all round great guy. Find out about his writing process, write here – couldn’t resist that one!

Write soon

Mikes Film Talk

I need to thank Sandra over at quirkybooks for tagging me in this exercise. As usual, I have a love/hate relationship with these blogging “pats on the back” events that we indulge ourselves in every so often. They are, for the most part, quite fun and it gives us a chance to pass on our admiration for those whose work we admire. The Blog Tour is yet another of these attempts to help bloggers in their battle to stay relevant and I hope my severely truncated answers to the very short, only four, questions posed suffice. I will, as usual, have problems choosing other’s to tag since I have very little interaction with fellow bloggers at the moment. As I feel incredibly guilty for having to turn down two very dear friends who tagged me quite some time before this iteration, I decided to accept this and respond, however quickly…

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