These are my Top Five Tips and many more for Breaking Through Your Barriers in 2016, and indeed any year of your life.

I have spent 3 years improving my own personal and professional development and now it’s time that I helped you though my videos, future e-Books, products and services. I have come a long way since I started this blog over 5 years ago. I still work a full-time retail specialist job, 5 days a week, but I also am a self published Author with my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back In to Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide, a Mentor/Coach, Social Media Trainer and Quirky T Shirt designer, plus more. If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, I strongly recommend that you do, because my mission in life it to enhance and empower your own personal and professional to development, so you can lead a happy and fulfilling existence, all the while embracing your quirky.

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Stay quirky.

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Andy Harrington Stand And Deliver Public Speaker Training – Taught me I am a lagger!

I am behind with publishing videos on my video channel. This is the 3rd and final video in the series of my attending Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Public Speaker Training on the 31st of March!

So after watching this video, you will understand the mad frenzy I have had to finish creating all of my websites and launching them, so I can stop building websites, stop being a lagger, and start being a book publisher of my Break through the barriers of redundancy book and future books, along with producing other products to go with my book.

You will see a lot more videos from me in the next few posts, as I try madly to catch up. There is some video footage or Chestnut’s birthday party to come and my first ever pet how-to video. Do enjoy!

Keep embracing your quirky and write soon


Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver – behind the scenes with Sandra Bellamy

I have lots of videos to share with you and I am a bit behind; this is the second video in my Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training series. It is short and sweet, and a mix of 4 shorter videos together. It is ideal for those of you who love reading ‘How to’ Style books.

Here is my write up about the video from my channel – Check out my new channel header and let me know what you think??

Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver Speaker Training, behind the scenes with Sandra Bellamy from Quirky Books. Sandra Bellamy gives you insight into what she learned from Public Speaking Expert Andy Harrington’s, Passion into Profit book, while networking with other entrepreneurs and business people at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training launch. See guests, mingle with the crowd and feel the excitement!

Write soon and keep embracing your Quirky – Sandra

Andy Harrington – Pleasure was all mine! He stood and delivered!











Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training course, was amazing, insightful, informative and inspirational. Plus a lot of fun too. He Showed off his expertise by Ad-libbing the whole day.

A lot of the Stand and Deliver content was taken from his Passion Into Profit book, that I have read from cover to cover, and is without a doubt, one of the best books I have read to help my businesses to grow. It was great to see the content come alive and be expanded upon.

Stand and Deliver and Passion Into Profit, are all about packaging your know how into product, services and public speaking, to help others, and make a difference to their lives, whilst making a difference to your own. This is very much the path I want to follow. I have lived a very varied and quirky life so far, and have much experience and knowledge that I can use to help others. All starting with getting my Break Through The Of Redundancy book published.

Until next time, stay quirky.