Exeter Christmas Light Switch On!

Robot in Exeter High Street before the light switch on
Lights just lit up as I went to look at them through my phone
Capturing the moment as the Exeter Christmas lights are switched on

Exeter Christmas Light Switch On!

I love robots and was really happy to see this one before the Exeter Christmas Light Switch On Thursday 19th of November at 6.30pm. It was a low key event this year, due to the recent attacks in Paris.

I had two hours sleep from 19th/20th night/morning as I was working hard to finish creating and publishing my first ever Asexualise Your Life – What’s happening? Newsletter. If you know anyone who is asexual or who wants to know more, they can sign-up to my monthly newsletter by clicking on this link http://eepurl.com/bGNW2P This newsletter is fabulous for taking my writing skills to yet another level.

I also have an asexualise Facebook page www.facebook.com/acexualise and I am on Twitter www.twitter.com/asexualise My Facebook page is on 77 Likes and 281 post reach, since creating it during the evening of the 17th. I am having a bit of time off work on Monday 23rd of November, because I am at a small asexual meet-up that day, which I organised. It’s my third that I have arranged and been to this year. I have been getting messages from asexuals to say that I am inspiring, helping them to stop being so confused, bold and brave and awesome. This is the reason I must keep doing what I am doing, because I really want to help others.

As you have probably guessed, it’s hard for me to find time to blog, especially as I have an even higher workload now, but I will not stop blogging on here for the world.

Stay quirky

Write soon