What are you doing to celebrate Valentines Day?

Hi everyone

It’s been another hectic week.

Yesterday, I finally finished negotiations wih my illustrator about the Assigment of Copyright. I plan to do the final re-work and re-edit of my book, Break through the barriers of redundancy, during these next couple of weeks.

How do you plan to celebrate Valentines Day?

Being quirky, I enjoy doing things differently.

I am so excited to be celebrating being single on Valentines Day, by taking myself out to Bristol for the day. I went to London last year.

In Bristol, I am planning to go to the aquarium, go for one or two thai meals and watch one or two movies. The films for that week won’t be announced until the 11th.

I am a different person to what I used to be. I decided a couple of years ago, that no longer would I ever mope around on Valentines Day being sad because I was on my own. In fact I changed the situation around completely.

I believe any reason to celebrate is great. Because life is so precious, it should always be celebrated at each and every opportunity. I don’t agree that being too old to do something, is a reason not to do it. You only live once, why not live it to the max?

I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, because I am single, and leading the life I was meant to be leading. Every year I now look foward to Valentines Day on my own, because I can do whatever I want and make myself feel great and happy all day long, without having to please anyone else. It is bliss.

To all of you who are single, I say embrace it and celebrate it at every opportunity. Plan to do something for yourself on Valentines Day, make yourself happy. You are blessed to be in life and life is blessed to have you. Let me know what you plan to do.

To those of you who are in a relationship, you are never too old to celebrate being thankful to be in life and to have found each other. If you want to do something for Valentines Day and your other half doesn’t, you don’t need permission to go and take yourself out, or to do whatever you like to make you feel good, just do it.

Whatever you decide to do on Valentines Day, enjoy it and have a happy one.

Write as soon as I am able to.