Back in May I went to show called the Devon County Show and I really got out of my comfort zone by watching Queen UK (https://ukqueen.co.uk) who are a Queen tribute band with Alexander Corona and dancing with people I had never met before. This is footage from that show!

When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone and experienced something new or different? Comment below!

As always, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

Devon County Show! Technology Vs Crafts!

360 Immersion Experience in Radio Devon Marquee
Array of hand knitted poppies
Lots more Hand Knitted Poppies
My dad’s Dragon poker
Close up of my dad’s Dragon poker

On Thursday this week I went to the Devon County Show on the outskirts of Exeter; which is the city where I live in Devon, in the UK.

I would say it is predominantly crafts and countryside driven. Which means there are lots of crafters around. These poppies in the picture are all hand knitted but look so real. My dad is a retired blacksmith who does regular blacksmithing courses at the same place where the Devon County Show is held. He also enters the show’s blacksmithing competitions and this year he won a prize for his poker being chosen by Sophie – the Countess Of Wessex! Who is married to Prince Edward. He also got a second and third prize for other categories.

What I love about the Devon County Show, is that it shows off so much creative talent and skills, from art, to hand made soap and fudge; to the latest in technology; to outdoor clothing, spa pools and both indoor and outdoor furniture. It really is a mixture. The show is on for 3 consequetive days and it ends today.

I loved watching the screen of the guy with the headset on. He was in outer space in a 360 immersive experience, and he had to climb a ladder on the outside of the aircraft. A guy who was 80+ years old had a go on it after this guy, and did not want to stop!! 

So often crafts and technology are thought of as polar opposites; one bring artsy, the other more scientific. But both this and the other crafts, all require a great deal of creative thinking and action taking to produce the outcome. Someone still needs to create the virtual reality world. As a writer, I know what an enjoyable but sometimes painstaking experience the action taking can be. The experience of writing non-fiction, is not the painful part, but the editing, typsetting and everything else, can be tough. I am on the 3rd Typsetter for my Asexual Perspectives print version of my book!! I won’t be paying someone to format for me in ‘Latex’ in the future. #lessonlearnt

Write soon and stay quirky.

Sandra xx

A Glorious Day At The Devon County Show

Lama at Devon County Show
BBC Spotlight presenters, Dan, Natalie and Justin
Lots of stands at Devon County Show
More of my favourite Lama
This was my favourite Alpaca out of the ones in the ring at this time and it won first place
Show Jumping at Devon County Show
Lots of people at the Devon County Show

Hi everyone

Today I was out and about again, and it was a glorious day at the Devon County Show.

The show is great for networking, finding out about the latest trends in the arts and crafts and getting help.

I spoke to a self-published author who illustrates his own books, and a guinea pig expert. I also bought a small canvas print and card from my favourite local artist Simon Clarke.

Thanks for sticking with me. I am way behind with my video publishing and some blog posting.

Take care of you, keep writing and keep believing in you.


It’s a kind of magic – Timber Treasures interview at the Devon County Show

Hi everyone

On the 23rd of May, I went to the Devon County Show. I created three short videos and met David from Timber Treasures in the Eden Crafts tent, who is in the final video and tells us about the history behind his magical dragonfly. As usual, they are filmed in my quirky Roving Reporter style. I hope you enjoy them.

Let me know what you think?

Look out for my guest blogger in the next post, giving some insider tips on how to write about travelling, for blogs.

Write soon