What a Cutie!

Photos of Chestnut looking cute after her operation at the end of June, looking remarkably well, thank goodness xx She is my bestest friend and I love her implicitly. xx

Cute Chestnut Chestnut Guine pig Beautiful Chestnut Guinea Pig Chestnut with inquisitive beautiful look Chestnut Guinea Pig Looking Gorgeous Chestnut Guinea Pig close up

These photos say a thousands words. Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby girl! She is 4, but will always be my baby girl forever! I miss her as she lives with my parents now because Angel has diabetes and I can’t inject her but my parents can. I try not to dwell on this! Everything is meant to happen for a reason.

Until next time, embrace your quirky and write soon

Sandra xx Love from me and Chestnut (and Angel) xx

Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow?

Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow? For the first time ever – You can see them both here and now!

Look out for the funny out-take at the end!

Guinea Pig Chestnut First Birthday Party Fun with Guinea Pig Snow! Watch First Birthday Card Opening and Present Opening, with a daughter’s first birthday message on the front of the card! Guinea pig Chestnut enjoys a first birthday celebration party with owner Sandra Bellamy from http://www.quirkybooks.wordpress.com and companion Snow. This video is the third in the Guinea Pig Party series.

Enjoy Guinea pig party fun with a Happy Birthday song, and see Snow and Chestnut in a video together for the first time ever!

Watch how Sandra holds her Guinea pig Chestnut and Chestnut’s Birthday card at the same time. Watch how Sandra opens Chestnut’s Birthday present and holds her Guinea Pig Chestnut at the same time. And watch how Sandra handles holding two of her Guinea pigs at once!

In this third in the Guinea Pig Party Series; Guinea pig Chestnut has lots of fun opening her card and present. With party banners, guinea pig lookalike balloons, streamers, a banner, and first birthday balloons, it’s makes for an extremely colourful and fun birthday party!

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