HAPPY CHRISTMAS QUOTE – What Makes The Christmas Magic Linger For Longer for you?

xmas quote

The day has finally arrived when I can say a HUGE HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you, with lots of love and hugs from me and Angel (guinea pig furry kid daughter), who I get to spend time with whilst staying at my parents. xxxxxxxx Sadly Chestnut is no longer with me.

I love this Christmas Quote by Andy Rooney as I can relate to it so much! Can you?

I love to be surrounded by Christmas paper as it makes the magic linger for longer for me. What about you? I feel the same way about my Birthday paper too, especially if it’s got cute bears on it!

Sadly, my parents pretty much bin the Christmas paper as soon as it’s torn apart.

I also try to purposefully go slowly to pick and unwrap the Christmas presents – that way the magic also lingers for longer!

I love playing Christmas music too!

What do you do to make the magic of Christmas linger for longer? Please comment below as I love to read you!

Have a fabulous and very special Christmas day, just like you!

Have a truly quirky Christmas and write soon,

Sandra and Angel  xxxxxx

Merry Christmas! Behind The Scenes Of Sandra’s Grotto!

Writing Christmas post
Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your support, love, care and time in 2017. Lets make 2018 the best year of our lives. Thanks for being on this Quirky Books writing journey with me, I love you so much. I love this blog and I love hearing from you xx

Always keep writing and never give up on your dreams.

In the new year I will have my “How To Manage Fibromyalgia Like A Superhero Rockstar – Fibro Girl To The Rescue” book out. It is about how to manage fibromyalgia to have less pain and more energy. Part autobiographical, it is told from my own experiences, knowledge, and using my Quirky Methods! I hope it helps a ton of people! There is a lot of life skills in it – so even if you don’t have fibro, it will still be a good read. I have some more editing to do before I can publish it, but in essence the meat is done. And next year, I will have my first Quirky Academy course out and that academy will be my main focus for next year!

You may recognise this pic from my last post, as it is the thumbnail for this video. This is the first time I have ever shown a tour of my flat. Happy Christmas!

Much love and light to you. Keep shining and bringing your joy to those who are blessed to know you.

Stay quirky and write soon,

Sandra xxxxxxxx

Happy Quirkimas!

Musical Christmas toys in my bedroom at my parents
Tree lit up in my bedroom at my parent’s
Frozen Christmas card
Christmas Tree in my home

Have a very Happy Quirkimas with many more quirky days to follow xx Love and Hugsxx

Elf The Musical Is A Hit!

Hey everyone

A few weeks ago I went to London for the Business Revolution two-day business seminar. I have yet to post some photos from that. On the 3rd day I had a play day and went to Thorpe Park by myself, and then to see Elf the musical in the evening. My train didn’t leave London until 11.45pm so I was able to see it without worrying about time. I bought the ticket on the day so it was more expensive than I would usually pay, but was well worth every penny. It was one of the best musicals I have seen in my life. Ben Forster (from Jesus Christ Superstar), who played the main character, was sensational and very convincing as Buddy the Elf. His love was played by Kimberly Walsh from Girl Band Girl’s Aloud. I would highly recommend this musical as a must see. After watching this musical you will be under no illusion that Santa really exists, and so does the magic of Christmas.

Elf The Musical - Take a selfie spot
My First Christmas Time in London: Pre-Christmas in the Theatre Waiting to see Elf
Elf Shop Where you can buy Elf ears
Elf Curtain - Show About to Start

How Do You Embrace The Christmas Magic?

Two Polar Bears Feel The Love
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Magic Is Golden
Hustle And Bustle Of Christmas Excitement
Snowflakes Give You A Warm Glow Inside
Everyone Loves A Christmas Tree For That Christmassey Feeling

I love Christmas and I love looking at Christmas lights, because they make me feel magical, warm, soft and squidgy inside. Okay – so being quirky, and doing some quirky stuff, means a few other things can make me feel like this too; but Christmas is unique and I love the magic and wonder of it so much.

How do you embrace the magic of Christmas?

Stay quirky and write soon

Happy Quirky Christmas to You! Proud to be a YouTube Partner.

Hi everyone

Happy Quirky Christmas.

Quirky Books Christmas Tree
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books Christmas Tree
Sandra Bellamy
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books


Sandra Bellamy
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books


Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books
Sandra Bellamy bedroom at parent’s home
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books - Festive magic!
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books – Festive magic at parent’s home!
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books
Sandra Bellamy Quirky Books – Feeling Festive. Don’t forget your furry kids at Christmas!

Keep Embracing Your Quirky and keep being you.

Do what you want to do and be who you want and were born to be.

Thanks for all of your support and kind and positive feedback about my videos on my http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel.

I am proud to announce that I am now a YouTube partner. Apparently it can be very difficult to get accepted to be a partner, so I was thrilled when I was accepted almost straight away. Some people can make a living out of YouTube, whether I do or I don’t,  as long as I spread my Embrace Your Quirky message, to as many people as possible, to help make a positive difference to others lives, that’s what will make me happy.

Stay positive and write soon


Happy Quirky Christmas

Hi everyone

Have a Happy Quirky Christmas and a Happy Quirky New Year.

That is what writing is about, after all. It’s about being quirky by being different, letting your creativity explode and standing out from the crowd.

Write as soon as possible

Enjoy Some Festive Fun

Hi everyone

I am still off sick from work. I saw my doctor today and he signed me off for another week. He also gave me a perscription for a third pill to take. I have to take two pills three times a day and the other pill, twice a day. 8 pills a day, my greatest number to date.

My parents went shopping for me today, to get guineapig bedding. That was kind, as I am well stocked up now.

I had to buy mineral water and walked across the road to a local supermarket to get it. Whilst I was in there, I bought some Festive Fun to cheer me up. I hope you enjoy some festive fun too.





Inbetween resting from being ill, I am trying to work on my book for the finish deadline of the 20th of January. Some days I am in too much pain or too tired to do any but when I can, it makes me feel good.

Write as soon as I am able to.

Have a little Christmas humour on me

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that I am off work sick at the moment and it is going on for longer than I anticipated. I had a bad night last night and smacked my foot on a filing cabinet, rushing to get to the sink. I hurt my toes and one turned a purple colour and was pounding for hours. At least it matches a piece of tinsel in my toilet.

Apologies for not replying to your comments. I will answer them when I can. I am resting a lot at the moment.

On a brighter note, I received my first two Christmas cards yesterday and this one from my Uncle Dave. It made me laugh.

Have some Christmas humour and cheer on me.


If you can’t read the text, it says:
“Oh Charming Thanks! And a Merry Christmas to you too!”

Happy Christmas.

If you read one of my previous posts, you will know that I am also up against a deadline to have my book finished by the 20th of January for my illustrator to create the printed version of the book cover. As it is a project that has been going on for longer than it should have been, the date is not negotiable and so I can’t blog or comment as much as I would like to because of this.

Write as soon as I am able to.


It’s Christmas time – Lights and no wine

Hi everyone

The Christmas lights were switched on in Exeter around 6.30pm.


I love Christmas because of:

The magic.

The creativity of decorating the Christmas tree. Of making decorations and Christmas cards and of writing your own personalised poetical verses in cards.

The lights, Christmas tree, tinsel and other decorations. I decorate every room in my flat.

Spending more time with my parents, Grandma and guineapigs.

Eating lots of my favourite foods including sugar free chocolate and ice-cream.

Santa Parents giving me pressies. I love buying lots of presents for my family and I love receiving them too.

Not drinking alcohol. I enjoy drinking fresh juice and Appletiser instead.

Reaching another Christmas and feeling happy to be alive.

Enjoy every bit of Christmas.

Write soon