New Book – Asexual Perspectives, Love, Life and Sex

Exeter Quayside
Exeter Cathedral

I like to count my blessings. I have many, including you, my loyal and loving Follwers, thank you.

I am have Snow and Chestnut, my mum and dad, and my good friends.

I love living in my flat in the big beautiful Victorian house I live in; and I love living in Exeter, 5 minutes walk from the picturesque and historic Quayside. I get to cross the Quayside bridge every day I go to work in my day job.

I just started work on my first non-fiction asexual book. It’s called Asexual Perspectives, Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Diversity. I am interviewing both Asexuals and asexual supporters fot it. I have two of each, already ready to be interviewed for it.

I am also being filmed for a short asexual documentary, have an Internet radio interview about my asexuality being recorded this Sunday; am being interviewed for a blog about my asexuality; and arranging another asexual in person meet-up, in my local area next month.

If you want to find out more about asexuality you can join my community on Facebook Find me on Facebook at Twitter Join me on Twitter; or Google Asexualise My Asexual Life, to check out my Asexualise channel and learn more. I go into very intimate and personal details about myself and past relationships on this channel, in order to help others, so if you are pro asexuality, please subscribe. The more awareness I can raise, the better. On Facebook I have sexual people who support my page by liking it and it helps to spread the word. Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, however, I am a Heteroromantic Asexual, so still desire a romantic relationship with the right guy.

Have you heard of Asexuality before? I would love to have your comments.

Write soon;
Stay Quirky.