Bristol Zoo Bugs Life from the Cute to the Creepy – Valentine’s Day Video three

This video, Bristol Zoo Bug’s Life from the Cute to the Creepy, was taken on Valentine’s Day as part of my International Celebrate Being Single Day celebration, at Bristol Zoo’s Bug’s World. It is the third in the series and is a behind the scenes tour. Check out the cute Peacock Mantis Shrimp. It’s my favourite bug. It’s adorable.

I hope you are as captivated by the buggy beauty as me.

Sensational New Announcement:

Andy Harrington - Public Speaker's Academy - Passion Into Profit book
Andy Harrington – Public Speaker’s Academy – Passion Into Profit book

I am going to London for 2 nights Mon 30th – Wed 1st April, for a Stand and Deliver Speaker Training course with Andy Harrington, the World’s Expert Leading Speaker Coach. I have got his Passion into Profit book and it’s amazing. By reading Andy’s book, I now know why I wasn’t meant to publish my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book last year, because I need to write and tell my story at the front of the book.  So I still have to do this. Everything happens for a reason, it’s just whether we choose to see it or not. My intuition told me that last year I was not ready to publish it because I needed to build my websites first. I still have some more to build. Once my websites are finished, my book will be my priority, followed by more how-to books for my Quirky Books e-book store. I am so very excited and cannot wait to share all of the upcoming writing news with you, as it unfolds.

There will be about 100 people attending the Stand and Deliver Speaker training course, and it will be being filmed. While in London I am also meeting an online friend on Mon and Tues evening and we are going to Chessington World of Adventures theme park on Wed. He hasn’t been to a theme park before, only a themed aquarium, so it should be good. Yes, I have spoke to him on the phone and via Skype, safety is important.

Keep embracing your quirky and write soon

Sandra xx