Captain Jack Sparrow! Is it really him?


Sandra Bellamy at my friend's Pirate Themed 50th Birthday Party.
Sandra Bellamy at my friend’s Pirate Themed 50th Birthday Party. This is what I call my Princess Dress.

Jack Sparrow and Sandra Bellamy

Last month was my best female friend’s 50th Birthday party, on April 12th, 2019. My friend looks far younger than she is, and I am significantly  younger than her. I enjoyed the party very much as Captain Jack Sparrow was there too – well a look-a-like. This guy has appeared in one of the original movies as Johnny Depp’s double in Pirates of the Caribbean, the 4th one. He has also appeared as his double in the second Fantastic Beasts movie, The Crimes Of Grindelwald. I loved having my photo taken with mr charming, he was a very good looking lookalike.

What do you think? Hottie, or not?

As always, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

Happy 3rd Birthday Snow!

Snow is on the right at Chestnut's Birthday party. Today is Snow's 3rd Birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday my Snow White princess.xxxxxxxx

Tonight is Snow’s 3rd Birthday party and I will have some new photos and a video on my channel that I will post here; although it may not be today because we are at the party.

Last night I was hard at work on the final amendments for the printed version of my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide. I am simultaneously working on a few updates/amendments to the already published Kindle version. A DEA – Disability Employment Advisor, no longer exists at the Job Centre with that title. Also, ex Dragons Den star and entrepreneur Doug Richard, who I mention in my current Kindle book, has had charges brought against him, which he is currently denying, but I still think it’s best to remove his name from future copies. The problem with my original master copy Kindle version that I created in Word for Mac 2011, is almost every hyperlink has turned black and I can’t turn them all back to their original orange colour. Some have unhyperlinked themselves, so I have to manually re-do each one.

Have a quirky good day.

Write soon

Happy 1st Birthday Guinea pig Chestnut and Sandra Bellamy’s joint party!

Hi everyone

It’s Chestnut’s first birthday. I had a joint party with her, as my birthday is tomorrow. I have. Series of videos to share with you from our birthday fun together, at a future date. Enjoy these photos now.








Guinea Pig Snow Birthday Party Present Opening

Hi everyone

Snow had her 2nd Birthday on October 15th, and I took a video of her birthday party present opening. I think her YouTube debut is fantastic and she is such a natural performer. Check out her performance and tell me what you think.

Snow is still being looked after by my mum, because she continues to be on antibiotics from her mouth operation. She had a set back. Last weekend she stopped eating. The vet said it seemed to be a tooth problem, so she had two injections and an increase in her antibiotics. She also has a wart, and a small hard lump from where the tube went into her cheek. Thankfully she is eating well again, and the lump and wart are not to be worried about.

I just finished working 10 days in a row. On my two days off from my day job this week, I had my staff induction for the Devon NHS Partnership Trust. It went well, and I will continue to teach for them, on an employed, rather than a self-employed basis. I will still be doing all of the other self-employed business stuff that I do. For those of you who don’t know, the NHS Partnership Trust, provides services to those with mental health difficulties, and disabilities.

Tell me what you think of Snow’s Debut?

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