If you’re a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Coach, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Mentor, Trainer, or Creative, you’re going to want to pay attention to this.

If you’ve ever wanted to master your mind and yourself, to stop procrastinating and take control of your day, instead of your day controlling you, this is for you.

If you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbins event, or other event, where you felt you made immense progress and changed your mind, only for it to go back to bad habits a short time after you returned home, this is for you.

If you dont think you’ll ever stop letting negative emotions from ruling your life and you feel powerless that things will never change, your mind is constantly in a negative spiral and you can’t seem to get s*it done, and you feel life is more s*itty than good, this is definitely for you.

If you’ve hit rock bottom, I understand you. No one tells you when you start running your own business of all the anxeity, stress, worry, and strain, that can induce, but it’s your dream, so you carry on regardless, not realising that your mind was not conditioned for this life, so you came unprepared.

I Never Expected This To Happen…

I have a confession to make, on December 22nd 2020, I was sat in my bedroom, planning how to hang myself to end my life. It’s something I never thought would ever happen, because I freed myself of depression in 2012, and thought I would never go back to my suicidal mindset ever again. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Because before I never planned it in such great detail for it to actually be easy to make it happen. All that was stopping me was my mind. I know that if I am determined enough to do something eventually I will do it no matter what, and this is what is the most scariest part of all. The fact that in a flash I could end everything, the pain, the shock, the downward spiral and then it would all be over and I could rest in peace. I wouldn’t have to fight life any more, I could just go and no one would even notice, in my flat alone. All that would be required is a piece of rope and for me to kick the stool out from underneath me, then it would be done and the suffering would be gone. The feeling and temptation was instense. The only thing I could do, was to journal my way out of it. So that’s what I did. A journal saved my life. 

I couldn’t believe that after 8 years of being depression free, in October, something shocking happened which I didn’t see coming and lead me to becoming stuck and going backwards from all the good work I had done, with my mind and my life. I was confused and didn’t undertand how this could be. I became once again like the former version of me. and I didn’t what was going on or what happened to me, but I felt trapped and backed into a corner with no way out. I knew I had to be solution focused instead of problem focused, but that was easier said than done when I couldn’t see any immedietely solution but my basic needs under threat. Things continued to get worse, until well, you know…

That Was The A-ha moment Which Changed Everything!

So I was searching for months for answers to how this could be, and it seemed I hadn’t reprogrammed my brain on the super-conscious level, and that the events I had previously attended had put me in a state at the time, which once home, you get out of, and meant it was possible to slip back into bad patterns of negative thinking and habits that no longer serve you. I discovered about how to reprogram the super-conscious mind and change your identity to the upgraded version of you, where you feel more positive, get s*hit done faster, make better choices and decisions, gain more clarity, stop procrastinating and super charge your best self. (I am still learning more about this.) But in order to make what I learned stick I needed to create a tool, that would encompass all of the necessities for maintaining and sustaining this new found identity, including keeping me in a positive state, and so I could cement it through repetition. Which is how new habits are formed and stick, through consitent repetition. And so ©MindSelf E-Journal was born, and I have an exclusive early bird offer for you.

Your mindset affects your self-worth, your business, your income, your relationships, and your day-to-day activities and life. I’m on a mission to help people consciously create the life of their dreams by working on their mindset. This starts with rewiring your brain for success, by getting rid of bad habits and negative thought patterns and behaviours, and replacing them with some new, positive, and healthy ones.

Through daily repetition of new and better habits; where you focus on an abundance of things you do have to be grateful for; positive affirmations to boost your self-worth, self-esteem, and ultimately your joy, happiness, and increase your productivity, and ultimately your bank balance, and to help you to have healthier and happier relationships with the ones you love.

Unless you get your mindset to work in your favour, no amount of skills, life experience and work experience, will stop you from self-sabotaging and becoming your own work enemy in pursuit of your dreams. If you want to become your best self to achieve your dreams, you have to work on your mind, because that’s the key to your success.

Each day has a different inspirational quote and question for your soul, to enable you to self-love more, to self-reflect, to become more self-aware, and to grow your self. The more you become self-aware, the more you can consciously create the life of your dreams by becoming more an observer of your, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and why you do the things you do. You can’t fix what you don’t know or understand.

Weekly and daily planners to help you to get sh*t done faster and more efficiently, increasing your productivity.

This journal will enable you to have your best mind and be your best self. MindSelf.

Revolutionary, Life-Changing, ©MindSelf Journal.

Mental health is mental wealth. This revolutionary life-changing ©MindSelf E-Journal, is a tool designed to rewire your brain for success and happiness, in multiple aspects of your life and business. It will help you gain clarity, be more organised, increase your positivity and productivity, so you can feel more happier and successful, within your mind and self. MindSelf.

This ©MindSelf Journal has 31 days of content, but the pages have purposefully got space for you to add your own day and date to each one, where applicable, in case you start using your journal part way though the month, so as not to waste any pages. This is especially true for your daily inspirational quotes and questions for your soul and your Daily Planner. Also, your Weekly Planner, which is available for days 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29, purposefully has space for you to write the name of the days in, so you can start your week at whatever day is convenient to you. Your planners help plan and utilise your day, without wasting any time.

There are also 70 extra pages where you can add additional answers to the inspirational quotes and questions, which vary every day from month-to-month; you can create your own happy list and positive affirmations, and write more creative ideas that spring to mind and plan your day out in more detail.

With your monthly ©MindSelf Journal Membership you will receive a new journal for every month of the year that you stay a paying member, by the 1st of the month. Any updates to the journal you will receive as well.

Each day of the week has:

Page A: List 7 things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up. To get you into the habit of having an abundance mindset, and to foster positivity as soon as you wake up. 

  • This helps rewire your brain from negative to positive.

Page B: Positive affirmations for eliminating self-doubt, and fostering trust within yourself. 

  • If you doubt yourself, you will procrastinate, not take enough action, and second-guess everything you do, leading to self-sabotage, which holds you back from making any real progress in your life and business, leading you to longing for something more, but not knowing how to obtain it.
  • Use these specific Law Of Attraction affirmations to rewire your brain for self–belief, self-trust, and to help you to make decisions more confidently and decisively, so you can move forward faster and make more progress quicker in your life and business.

Page C: Positive affirmations to boost your self-image and bask in your sexy power and awesomeness of the individual contours of your body, that make up unique you. 

  • You may have found it hard to look at yourself naked in the mirror, but right now, that’s all about to change for the better, forever.
  • If you feel more confident in your own body and skin, that will naturally radiant throughout your whole being and more and more people will be attracted to you like a magnet.
  • When you start finding yourself more and more attractive, you instantly become more attractive to others. Because your value goes up in your own mind, so too, does it in other’s minds.

Page D: Positive affirmations to boost your productivity. 

  • The power of the Law Of Action.
  • It’s great to have a dream, but without taking any action, that dream is unlikely to become a reality.
  • Fears and procrastination can hold you back from what you truly want in your life. So it’s essential you get into the right mindset for productivity.
  • The more you take action, the more momentum builds and the more confident you become, so the more action you will take.
  • These specific Law Of Action affirmations are designed to rewire your brain to think and feel more positively about getting things done, so they become more of a pleasure than a chore.
  • This increases your productivity, so you can move forward more confidently in your life and make more progress to get s*it done faster, more efficiently, more effectively and more effortlessly.
  • (I call these the 3 E’s.)

Page E: Wealth affirmations. 

  • You might have been taught negative connotations in regard to making money, such as money is the root of all evil, money doesn’t grow on trees, or it’s greedy to want too much money.
  • These negative connotations when reiterated over and over again, stop you from forming a healthy relationship with money and hold you back from charging your worth, and often prevent you from getting the money you truly desire and seek.
  • These affirmations, some of which are taken from T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive live event training for rewiring and mastering your mind in regard to money, which I have been to – will rewire your brain for thinking more positively about money, for increasing your own value in regard to your worthiness in obtaining it, and increasing the value you give to others in your own eyes.
  • If you are able to consistently believe and feel, that the value you give to others is always worth far more than what you charge, because the transformation you enable them to have is priceless, it will give you increased confidence to value your own worth more highly and take ownership of your financial success.

Page F: These Law Of Attraction self-love affirmations are essential for increasing your own value and self-worth, and for attracting and receiving loving relationships into your life. 

  • If you’re feeling good about yourself and that people are loving you and wanting to talk to you and be in your company, this will not only help you in your personal relationships with loved ones, family and friends, but also in attracting the right people for your business and to help make you wealthy.

Page G: Every day you will list 12 things you love about yourself. 

  • This will increase your self-value and self-worth.
  • The more you love yourself, the more you will feel better in your own company, the more you will be happy and at peace with who you are; stable, strong, and secure within your own soul.
  • The more you find things to love about yourself, the more attractive you will feel and the more confidence you will create within you.
  • The more attractive and confident you feel in your inner world, the more you become attractive to others, because you attract what you are.
  • That’s the power of Law Of Attraction.

Page H: Trusting your own intuition is essential for living your own life purpose and designing a life that you adore. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the noise of other’s lives and what they deem is the best and right thing for you to do with yours. 

  • But once you start tapping into your own intuition and allow yourself to trust it and for it to lead your life, instead of having other’s push their own agenda’s on your life and try to lead your life for you, you can see the magic and wonder unfold, as you develop a strong sense of inner knowing and guidance, that everything is always working out for you in divine timing, and begin to say no to others, to get the happiness you truly deserve, love, and crave.

Page I: One way of hearing your intuition more and more and tapping into your personal power, is to ask yourself; what is your intuition telling you right now? 

  • This page is designed to ask you this question on a daily basis so you can tap into your soul energy and ask it what to do next.
  • This will develop a greater sense of true self-worth and self-reliance within you, so you make better decisions on how to live your best life, which is in keeping with your soul values and what matter most to you.
  • Tapping into your intuition will enable you to get out of your comfort zone, push through your fears and boundaries, and achieve things before, which you never thought possible.
  • It will help you to believe in your own abilities to work things out and to rise to unforeseen challenges along the way to living the life of your dreams.

Page J: Happiness is an internal job. 

It’s important you create your own happiness in your life and don’t rely on other people for it; otherwise you give away your personal power. 

  • Every day this page is designed to get you to focus on what makes you happy.
  • Being happy and staying happy is like a muscle you need to exercise daily, by incorporating as many things as possible that make you happy into each and every day of your life, it will help you to feel good and better for longer and help you to increase your value and self-worth.
  • It will give you the energy and willpower to do more and live life to the fullest.
  • So you will procrastinate less and get more s*it done as a result, which will make you feel better about yourself as you increase your life satisfaction and fulfilment.

Page K: If you’ve read World Leading High Performance Coach Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits book on how to crate an extraordinary life, you will know that without clarity, you will be directionless, procrastinate, and feel stuck and unfilled in life.

Brendon says:

“Clarity on who you are is associated with overall self-esteem. This means that how positive you feel about yourself, is tied to how well you know yourself. On the flip side a lack of clarity is strongly associated with neuroticism and negative emotions. That’s why self-awareness is so key to initial success. You have to know who you are, what you value… and where you want to go. This kind of knowledge makes you feel better about yourself and life… Studies show that having a specific plan attached to your goals – knowing when and where you will do something – can more than double the likelihood of achieving a challenging goal.”

  • This is what page K is for, so you can get crystal clear on what your intention is for each and every day, and what you want to achieve.
  • Having intention, creates purpose and direction, which gives meaning to your day, and creates drive and ambition to see a project or task through to completion.

Page M: Keeps you on track and crystal clear on what you want to do for the next day, so you are already prepared for it, and have offloaded any pending to-dos, so you can sleep more soundly at night, by having a greater sense of direction, control over your life and business, and inner peace knowing this.

  • Both the weekly and daily planners double the likelihood of achieving your goals faster, with clarity of intention, and a specific plan attached to your goals.

Page L: Is where you reflect on your day and get chance to celebrate your own successes, however big or small. Self-recognition of your achievements is vital for your health and wellbeing. 

  • By taking notice of your accomplishments, you value your own worth more, by making yourself seen and heard more by your self.
  • Which increases self-appreciation and self-satisfaction.
  • It helps you to self-love more, by realising all of the skills, experiences, and special qualities you have, that enable you to achieve all that you do.
  • When you celebrate how far you have come and what you have achieved, this creates a work and reward set up in your brain, so when you have achieved something and taken notice of that, it empowers you to keep moving forward in your life and have greater successes.

Pages 1-31. Each day for 31 days, (or however many days there are in that month) you have an inspirational quote and question for your soul. This inspirational quote and question changes every month, and is designed to: 

  • Bring greater self-awareness, to give you more personal power.
  • Help make your life happier, brighter, and feel good!
  • Help you reflect on yourself and your life, to understand yourself better.
  • Give you personal insights.
  • Help you become a better version of yourself.
  • Help you to feel inspired, motivated, and enlightened each and every day, without having to waste time scrolling through Facebook or other social media, to get your daily does of inspiration, then going off on tangents so you get nothing done.
  • Foster positive emotions on a daily basis.
  • Activate a more positive mindset, daily.
  • Encourage new and better habits, so you can live the life of your dreams.

Now it’s over to you. I can take a duck to water, but can’t make it swim. Don’t let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by, get this premium E-Journal now, so you can journal your way to success and happiness.

This premium E-Journal will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary. And so your MindSelf success story begins on the first page with an attitude of gratitude. Shop now, gain clarity and control over your life and feel so much better as a result. Your journal is waiting for you, so you can change your life. Shop now.

40 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you have tried the journal for 31 out of the 40 days, and if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied, just email me sandrabellamygroup@gmail.com with photographic or video evidence that you’ve tried using it, and the subject line Self-Help Journal Money Back and I will refund you in full at the price you paid. 

So you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get this 25 dollar deal now.


What else will I need besides this journal?

You will need a printer with a good supply of ink and paper as this is a 549 page journal (Including 70 extra pages) and an A4 lever arch file to put it in, with a hole punch. (But you can buy those later, just don’t miss out on this earlybird price!) You will need to take daily action and do everything on every page, for each day, in order to instil new and positive habits and get rid of the old thinking for life. 

Are there any upsells with this product?

No. This is all you need to change your mind and change your life!

Accident to my foot – Blessing is disguise?

Money quote.blog-post-feature

So it’s a while since I last blogged on here and I am sorry I have not connected with you for a while. Truth is I have been overwhelmed with all of the stuff I do in my life, with various outstanding tasks still to be completed so I can feel like I am making genuine progress, other than just doing little bits to push along projects, and with various questions people have triggered in my brain recently that has left me questioning myself and where I am headed/heading in my life and career. See the thing is, I am not motivated by money, when really I think I ought to be more. I believe in truly changing people’s lives and to do that you do not need money, but you need money to live, eat, and keep a roof over one’s head. So I am in a constant tug of war at the moment, between all of the free stuff I do to help people, which I love doing and is very true to my heart and motivation in my life, and the improved financial life that I need to achieve. It is playing on my mind a lot lately.

Truth is, I just want to be a full-time writer, and make a shed load of money from it while changing lives through the written word. Lives of many different people from all walks of life, not just asexuals, but more books for them too as they are important to me and I really believe asexuality is also my calling, but my first love has always been writing because it make my soul dance and my heart leap and makes me feel so much better and alive when I am doing it. Most people know that many of us do not make a full-time living from writing alone, and that is a sad reality, but there are also people who do just that, and so it cannot be impossible, although usually a lot do other writing related stuff to boost income. I also wish I could make a full-time living from the asexual stuff I do as that is my hugest passion after writing – it is a close second. But I am far from doing that. I don’t help asexuals for the money, I help them to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come and to let them know they are not alone, to raise awareness on a global scale and make them feel happier and more confident within themselves and their asexual life, and I know I have helped some of them do that as they tell me. I know I have helped some of them make long lasting friendships – I have made life friendships with some too, and that to me is success and happiness, right there.

I did a test in my work years ago, about what motivates you, and first for me was a sense of responsibility, second was a sense of achievement and third was money. And the first two motivators are what drives me to do the asexual work I do and it fulfils me. The third I make a little bit of money through T-Shirts and my books, but it is pocket money, rather than substantial money. So I have to be doing other things to make more money, but asexuality and writing are truly what makes my heart leap and happy. So this is the dilemma I currently face.

Recently, because of this tug of war and overwhelm within me, I have felt like I just need a week off to be me again, if that makes sense, to just chill, maybe to have a bit of reflection, but most importantly take time out for me to do nothing much and think of nothing much as my brain needs a rest. Negativity from a few people has started to get to me when really I shouldn’t let it, especially as I still believe in myself and love myself – just I feel pulled in many directions with lots of options but not sure which one will work to make that important income to work from home and never go back to an employed job again, whilst at the moment I am still considering employed options. I also have lots of outstanding tasks that are mostly of the monotonous type, and many tasks to do and finish, and then my mind just shuts down.

So in view of the fact that I need a week off, what should happen but an accident. I was out dancing on my own on Tuesday – I started to go out dancing on my own a few months ago, and this guy fell on the floor and his head landed underneath my foot, but somehow he managed to damage the top of my foot, and my left foot is badly swollen and even the ankle too. This happened on Tuesday night and I am still recovering. I was very worried about the guy as his head I felt under my foot but I immediate removed it, and another woman helped him up straight away as I just looked down and saw him on the floor being helped up, and he said he was okay several times to her but looked dazed and kept feeling his mouth. He had been trying to dance with me, then her, but I think he was drunk and then out of the blue when I was dancing he someone managed to land underneath my foot, I felt so bad about this, even though it was not my fault at all.

So I have not done anything on my Mac until this blog post, and most of my work stuff is on my Mac – such as social media, website stuff, T-Shirt and writing stuff. I don’t have WordPress on my phone anymore as I had to delete it due to not enough internal memory only phone, and I need to keep my foot elevated, which is almost impossible to do while writing this – I am trying but my body is severely twisted with my leg out behind me on the bed for however long I can stand it being in that position, and trying to put my foot on my desk is too high up really – yes, I tried it. And besides, this foot accident is a blessing in disguise because I wanted a reason to have a week off from any work and now I have it and have been watching movies and chilling out mostly. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am happy to know I am still a positive person in this way, and also intuitive. I hope you are not like me and have to have such an excuse! Or in my case reason. I think I will allow myself the word reason in this instance. (Maybe I am too hard on myself!)

Although I did have to attend the job centre yesterday and managed to hobble my way back home which took me well over an hour when it would usually take me about half an hour. The taxi company that I used to get there, (which my mum kindly gave me the money for and my parents also did a massive food shop for me that my dad paid for – super sweet of him and them), was fully booked for an hour coming back, and I went for the bus, but decided to challenge myself by getting back home on mostly – one foot! And as I only got movement back in all 4 of my toes and could put my whole foot to the floor in the morning but not my full weight still, a challenge it was. My right leg was hurting from the over compensation of weight being put on that foot and my injured foot was still swollen when home, and my ankle seemed to have swollen back up more again.

Despite the fact my foot has been injured, I have managed to still keep up live streaming on my Asexualise My Asexual Life channel – This is the 3rd month I have live streamed every single day. Here are 2 videos about my foot on that channel from the last 2 days.

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx


The Business Show – Here I come!

Hi everyone

Thanks to everyone who has left comments for me, and thanks for the positive comments about my videos and to those of you who have subscribed to my channel. It’s always a little scary trying something new and I wasn’t sure how you felt about videos in blogs but you seem to like them so I will continue. They are a bit rough around the edges but I just wanted to post natural videos because I try to always be true to who I am on this blog.

I am in London for The Business Show and I have had my phone switched off for most of the day due to low battery power and meeting up with a friend. The signal was bad on the train and it wouldn’t let me reply to your comments. I will get around to messaging back but it may be after The Business Show, as it is after midnight now and I have to get some sleep.

I have taken two more videos but my phone won’t upload them.

I can’t wait to see and hear some successful published authors speak at The Business Show, to gain valuable insight,  hints, tips and insider knowledge to pass on to you.





I am stay at a Travelodge and my hotel room is very nice and huge.

Write soon