Computer genius or computer nightmare?

Hi Everyone

It has been a while since I last sent you a new post, this is because of the nightmare I am having with my Apple Mac iMac computer.

It keeps freezing on me.  When I try to go on to the internet, when I try to email, when I attempt to write letters in Word for Mac and when I try to use Adobe Indesign for Mac.

What a nightmare!  I had never realised just how much I rely on my Mac until now.  I thought Macs were reliable, could handle multiple applications and Adobe with ease, apparently not.

After spending about 6 hours on and off the phone to Apple Care last week, it still keeps freezing.

If any of you have experienced the same problems, I would love  to hear from you.  Suggestions are most welcome.  What do you think?

One thing I can say, Steve Jobs was a genius, lets hope the future of the Mac will continue that genius way of working and not lose it’s way.

Write soon.