Please send piggie prayers

Hi everyone



This is Cinnamon. He is with his black and white sister and life partner, Daisy, in the top photo.

Please pray for him as he is not well. He won’t eat and drink by himself and he is currently at the vets for the 3rd time since yesterday morning.

He had almost all of his teeth cut and filed yesterday. Has got a lump between his abdomen and kidney, that may or may not need to be removed at the moment. He has lost weight. Was peeing blood after his mouth op yesterday, fitting from the anaesthetic, and not been too well. Hopefully he will be coming home this evening, but have to go back to the vets to syringe feed him in the morning.

Apologies for not commenting on your blogs recently, and being delayed with my replies to your awesome comments. I really appreciate every single one of you from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t forgotten you. I have started teaching again, with a lot of meetings and converations going on back and forth. As well as working full time in my day job, setting up my Blog Trainer UK business, creating two new RLC courses, and working on my new site.

I have squeezed a bit of fun in with dating myself. I have so much social media to manage too, and trying to post blogs each week.

My dad has paid for me and my cousin to go to Disneyland Paris next week. We are staying in London the night before and after. It will be the first time I have had a holiday with no work, in 3 years. I have been busy preparing for that.

Thanks for being so special and a huge part of my life. You help me to be stronger, to live life more fully, and to embrace my own quirky even more. I couldn’t do it without you. You are amazing.

Whatever life throws at you, keep smiling and keep being your authentic quirky you.

Write when I can