15 Icky Things About Being Writer!

Writer Sandra Bellamy
Writer Sandra Bellamy – Author Of Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy

Everyone mentions the good bits about being a writer, some mention the not so good, but what about the icky stuff, the stuff we don’t talk about, because it’s not great to admit!

If you are passionate about writing and live and breathe it as I do, you may know what I am talking about.

So here are my 15 icky things about being a writer:

1) No time to shower because you are ‘in the flow’ of working to a tight deadline; can be a bit pongy, epecially in hot weather.

2) With no time to wash your hair, it can end up looking like you have poured cooking oil over it!

3) You avoid buying anything that requires a postal signature, because you don’t want the parcel courier to see you in an unwashed state.

4) If you have to sign for a parcel, you try to hide almost completely behind the door, grab the signature device from around the door to sign it quickly, and declare you work nights.

5) You are so busy, you forget to take the rubbish out.

6) You keep putting off the washing up because quite frankly your book is more important.

7) You go to put your favourite top on and realise it’s in the laundry bin. Was it really a week since you last wore it?

8) Your writing desk looks more like a kid’s playground.

9) Your writing desk has tiny particles of food matter stuck to it, because you have been snacking in-between typing up your masterpiece.

10) A world disaster has struck and you haven’t heard anything about it until someone mentions how awful it was. You are thinking – What? When?

11) You have been writing so much that now you have to take painkillers because some body parts hurt.

12) You literally forget to eat.

13) You realise one day, that you have no nutritional food ingredients left, and you are ‘forced’ to go shopping.

14) Your friends have to book in time to talk to you or to see you.

15) It seems like everyone is outside enjoying the sun, while you are hibernating in your cave, to get that book finished.

Add to that the printer packing up – or in my current case – it no longer recognises itself – and hey presto – It’s a Writer’s life for me!

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