Character Crazy! A Writer’s Poem By Sandra Bellamy

Character Crazy! A Writer’s Poem By Sandra Bellamy. Are you a writer? Have any of your characters ever driven you crazy? If yes, then this poem is for you!! Can you relate? Comment below!! Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe!!!

Business Showcase South West – With Dragon’s Den Inspirational Investment Winner at only 18, Jordan Daykin !

Dragon's Den Winner!!
Me, Sandra Bellamy, with Jordan Daykin at BSSW, Dragon’s Den Investment Winner at 18 years old, in 2014!!

I recently went to the Business Showcase South West in Bristol #BSSW. There were lots of seminars throughout the day, including one that featured Jordan Daykin, who won investment from Deborah Meaden in the hit Entrepreneur TV Show Dragon’s Den! He was only 18 when he won that investment in 2014 – making him only 21 years now and his business GripIt – is now worth over £14,000,000. It was awesome to hear his inspirational story!!

I did a live 5 minute pitch to 2 people, to be a TedX Speaker about Asexuality at the next TedX Bristol event in November this year. I already applied with a 1 minute video pitch, 100 word pitch and a bio! And my application has not yet made it or been declined. If you don’t know what TedX is, it is a local Ted talk – or rather talk(s) on stage, on a particular subject that a person has experience or knowledge about – which often makes them seen as an expert. The last Bristol TedX in 2015, had all 1800 seats sold out and about 2000 attended. It is the biggest TedX talk in the UK and possibly in Europe. All speakers are voluntary and the money goes back into a bigger and better show for next time. If I got it, it would be truly life changing for both me and asexuals around the globe – especially since some Ted talks are viewed on YouTube in their thousands and millions. Keep your fingers, toes, and everything crossed, that I make the final cut!! Pitching to be a speaker continues until July – so I have to wait and see! I know at least I tried and will have no regrets as I have done all I can to get through, and although I think I will be good at speaking on stage, in front of that many people is something I will need to be brave to do – but I am a warrior, so it will all be good!! And let’s face it, I was born to be on stage really!! Just have to push myself to do it and go for it!!

If you want to try something in life and have been thinking about it for a while – I say, go for it!! Life is too short!! Keep writing and stay quirky – always xx

Oh and if you have not got a copy of my Asexual Perspectives book yet, you should!! It is great to know about all sexualities because you never know who you will meet that may be the love of your life and if they are Asexual, it is really important to understand them!!

BSSW Dragon’s Den Winner

Jordan Daykin With Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Fairy Godmother!!



Devon County Show! Technology Vs Crafts!

360 Immersion Experience in Radio Devon Marquee
Array of hand knitted poppies
Lots more Hand Knitted Poppies
My dad’s Dragon poker
Close up of my dad’s Dragon poker

On Thursday this week I went to the Devon County Show on the outskirts of Exeter; which is the city where I live in Devon, in the UK.

I would say it is predominantly crafts and countryside driven. Which means there are lots of crafters around. These poppies in the picture are all hand knitted but look so real. My dad is a retired blacksmith who does regular blacksmithing courses at the same place where the Devon County Show is held. He also enters the show’s blacksmithing competitions and this year he won a prize for his poker being chosen by Sophie – the Countess Of Wessex! Who is married to Prince Edward. He also got a second and third prize for other categories.

What I love about the Devon County Show, is that it shows off so much creative talent and skills, from art, to hand made soap and fudge; to the latest in technology; to outdoor clothing, spa pools and both indoor and outdoor furniture. It really is a mixture. The show is on for 3 consequetive days and it ends today.

I loved watching the screen of the guy with the headset on. He was in outer space in a 360 immersive experience, and he had to climb a ladder on the outside of the aircraft. A guy who was 80+ years old had a go on it after this guy, and did not want to stop!! 

So often crafts and technology are thought of as polar opposites; one bring artsy, the other more scientific. But both this and the other crafts, all require a great deal of creative thinking and action taking to produce the outcome. Someone still needs to create the virtual reality world. As a writer, I know what an enjoyable but sometimes painstaking experience the action taking can be. The experience of writing non-fiction, is not the painful part, but the editing, typsetting and everything else, can be tough. I am on the 3rd Typsetter for my Asexual Perspectives print version of my book!! I won’t be paying someone to format for me in ‘Latex’ in the future. #lessonlearnt

Write soon and stay quirky.

Sandra xx

How to Unleash the Kid in You! And Be More Powerful Beyond belief!

What if I were to tell you, that unleashing your inner kid is one of the best tools you can use in your life or business? That it can set you free from the things that are holding you back and that unleashing it could give you that new lease of life and freedom that you so richly deserve?

You are likely to have been conditioned from a young age to believe you need to be an ‘adult’, and you should always inspire to be an adult – but why? Some would argue because you become more responsible and make better decisions, but do you?

What I have discovered is that without unleashing your inner kid, you become less flexible; more stuck in ideas; more rigid, and more fearful of trying new things, or of criticism. This can cause mental torment and be extremely unhealthy in not allowing you to live your life – as your true, authentic self, and achieve your full potential so you can be very happy.

Kids try new things out; they explore; they ask lots of questions; they are curious about the world around them and not afraid to speak their mind. Think about how useful these skills are to your life and business? They will stop you stagnating. They will allow you the freedom to try a variety of things, including jobs, and maybe start your own business. They allow you to think for yourself, so you can stimulate your mind and come up with your own solutions to problems, so you can make more decisions, and learn from the challenges of those decisions – kids don’t worry about making mistakes, they just get on and do stuff!

These are the strategies I want you to take on-board, I want you to be that kid that never says never, that always believes in fairy tales and magic – that the impossible can become possible. But where you will benefit the most, is the action taking, the further knowledge, resources and experiences, that are available to you as an adult – combined with the relentless, no fear attitude, and an abundance of energy from the Kid within you, that always wants to inspire and try new things and is not worried about making mistakes but who wants to explore life and make their own mark in the world!

Are you up for the challenge? How do you embrace your inner kid?

Write soon and stay quirky.

Sandra xx

Disneyland Paris 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration! 25th Disneyland Paris Anniversary!

Last week I was at Disneyland Paris for my 21st Mindset Birthday and their 25th Anniversary!! I was completely at one with my soul – loved it!!

Check out my Disneyland shopping spree video!!

As always, stay quirky
Sandra xx

KDP To CreateSpace Print Book Cover – Avoid This Mistake!! Save Time And Money!

This was the cover I created for my Asexual Perspectives Kindle version, using the KDP Cover Creator and an image I had designed for one of my www.Asexualise.comAsexualise” Asexual T-Shirts, that is available to buy on It took me a few hours to get this right in the first place – about 3 hours or more, and since the very original cover, I added the “47 Asexual Stories” part, which made the ‘Perspectives’ font smaller and I could not make it larger without it going into other areas of the book cover, due to the restrictions of the text fields on KDP. It took me many more hours to try to make the text bigger and in the end, I had to settle for this as the best it was going to get. So bear these restrictions in mind if you do use the Cover Creator.

You could say that this was my first mistake you should avoid, and you would be right, because of all the time it took me to create the cover and the restrictions it posed to me when I came to amend it, but I did enjoy creating it in the first place, so not all was lost!!

I assumed, since KDP encourages you to click a button and hey presto out pops a printed version (oh, no, no, no, no, no; it doesn’t – see previous post), that it would be easy to replicate my cover using the Cover Creator – in fact I assumed at first thought, that it would almost autogenerate the cover!! Boy was I WRONG!! With a capital W. Not only did it do no such thing, it got worse. The Cover Creator for the KDP print version, did not have the same template that I used for my Kindle version and no matter how many painstaking hours I tried to reproduce the exact same cover, it would not work. This was a tough situation to be in and this is the first part of the major mistake I want you to avoid. Because now I was faced with either wading through more Photoshop videos to try to learn how to create the cover myself using the template that I downloaded, but did not understand, or paying someone to do it for me. One is much more time – one is money! I opted to save myself time and that is what I am trying to help you to do, save time – and money!! Let me tell you more about that!

So I paid a designer $25 to create the print version of my Asexual Perspectives book cover and … wait for it … drum roll please … she had to recreate the Kindle version, because I did not have all of the original source files. Yep! You heard me right! All that time I spent in the cover creator and she had to recreate the Kindle version anyway, before doing the printed version! And she was able to get the “Perspectives” to be the same font size as the word Asexual, so it looks much better. All of those hours.. wasted! Although it wasn’t. Not from a creative perspective, but from a frustration energy point of view and so this is the mistake that I want you to avoid. Because next time, I will just pay her to do both covers in the first place. Or at least the Kindle version so she has the original source files, should I need the print version creating. Although the cover is usually done as the last thing; it is important you remember this firstly and save yourself a whole heap of time and many arrrghhh! Moments.

Oh, and before I forget, did I tell you that I had to go back into the Cover Creator to find out all of the original settings, what font I used for which bit, what size, drop shadow or not, bold or not, the exact colour – so I used the ‘Inspector’, to inspect the elements and get the colours – unless you are into web design, you may not know what this means as it is a hidden element within a site and shows you the specific RGB colour numbers, used to make up the whole colour of a particular element. I could not find the simple # colour for each of the colours.

So there you have it, unless you get a buzz out of creative frustration, which I do sometimes do to certain point, pay a designer to create your cover in the first place.

Asexual Perspectives print cover
Asexual Perspectives Kindle and Print Book Cover, now, that the designer recreated.

And after all that, I decided to publish the printed version of my Kindle book, with CreateSpace, not the new KDP system because you cannot buy discounted Author copies with KDP. Or do expanded distribution if you want. See previous post. The expanded distribution added too much cost to the sale price and so I have chosen not to do this at the moment.

Now if I told you there is no such thing in life as mistakes, just lessons we learn from, how would you feel? See, although I call these mistakes, they are still life’s lessons. We cannot know, what we don’t know, until we know it. Once we know it, will we repeat it? That is the big question? That is the possible mistake? But until we learn those all important life lessons, we will keep making those ‘mistakes’. I hope by reading this, you get to achieve a lesson and not a mistake.

And if you want to save yourself some money with the cover, like I did, then go to to find yourself a good cover designer, but make sure you can have commercial rights to it and it is copyright free, otherwise you could land yourself in a whole heap of legal trouble!!

Until next time, keep writing, keep being you, never give up and keep embracing your quirky, check out my Asexual Perspectives book, as it is a remarkable book and tells my own personal story, that you can read just from the free Amazon ‘Look inside’ feature. xxxxxxxx

Hello From Disneyland Paris! For My 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration!

I am currently on my biggest self date ever at Disneyland Paris for my 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration. My dad gave me the money for the holiday for a one off special birthday present – but I have to pay for food myself. I am here for 5 days and 4 nights. Plus 2 nights in London.

Stay quirky x

Happy 3rd Birthday Chestnut Guinea Pig Daughter!!

Chestnut – with her Christmas card! 3 today. My mum has her birthday card to give to her today!!

It is Chestnut’s 3rd birthday today, and I am currently away in EuroDisney for my 21st Mindset Birthday (my actual DOB is tomorrow!!). I am away from 22nd-28th of April. I left from London this morning by EuroStar after seeing some friends in London yesterday. 5 days and 4 nights in the park, that means, tomorrow will be my actual first full day in the park, for my birthday, I cannot wait!! I feel a bit guilty for not seeing Chestnut on her 3rd birthday, but she is in good hands with my mum and dad, and has a card and presents from me, plus balloons and a banner, and a Happy Birthday paper plate!! So happy birthday to my darling Chestnut guinea pig daughter, love you bundles and will do forever more!! xxxxxxxx

Chestnut 3 years today, (brown), with her companion baby Angel – who is not a year old yet!