Asexualise YouTube Channel (Sandra Bellamy)

So, my friend Sandra, as well as writing Asexual Perspectives and other books, also has a YouTube channel, where she discusses, among other things, asexuality, relationships, self development and personal improvement. She often has livestreams on the channel. These can vary in duration from around 20-25 minutes up to a couple of hours, dependent on […]

Asexualise YouTube Channel (Sandra Bellamy)

Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow?

Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow? For the first time ever – You can see them both here and now!

Look out for the funny out-take at the end!

Guinea Pig Chestnut First Birthday Party Fun with Guinea Pig Snow! Watch First Birthday Card Opening and Present Opening, with a daughter’s first birthday message on the front of the card! Guinea pig Chestnut enjoys a first birthday celebration party with owner Sandra Bellamy from and companion Snow. This video is the third in the Guinea Pig Party series.

Enjoy Guinea pig party fun with a Happy Birthday song, and see Snow and Chestnut in a video together for the first time ever!

Watch how Sandra holds her Guinea pig Chestnut and Chestnut’s Birthday card at the same time. Watch how Sandra opens Chestnut’s Birthday present and holds her Guinea Pig Chestnut at the same time. And watch how Sandra handles holding two of her Guinea pigs at once!

In this third in the Guinea Pig Party Series; Guinea pig Chestnut has lots of fun opening her card and present. With party banners, guinea pig lookalike balloons, streamers, a banner, and first birthday balloons, it’s makes for an extremely colourful and fun birthday party!

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How to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party!


How to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party!

This is my first ever ‘How to” video. Despite 5 or 6 attempts to upload it, and having lots of difficulties, I am pleased with the result. What do you think?

This is the description from my channel

How to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party! In this ‘How To’ video, Sandra from Quirky Books, explains how to prepare for a Guinea Pig and Pet Party. She discusses, venue, guests, party theme, decorations, food, presents, cards and the safety of your piggie or pet.

In a friendly and conversation style, that’s to the point, Sandra explains how to make your guinea pig or pet, feel special on their birthday, especially with an age related card. She emphasises how important it is to put the needs of your pet first over your own. She discusses dressing your pet up, potential choking hazards and quirky balloon and banner ideas. If you are a guinea pig or pet owner, you will love this video.

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Andy Harrington Stand And Deliver Public Speaker Training – Taught me I am a lagger!

I am behind with publishing videos on my video channel. This is the 3rd and final video in the series of my attending Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Public Speaker Training on the 31st of March!

So after watching this video, you will understand the mad frenzy I have had to finish creating all of my websites and launching them, so I can stop building websites, stop being a lagger, and start being a book publisher of my Break through the barriers of redundancy book and future books, along with producing other products to go with my book.

You will see a lot more videos from me in the next few posts, as I try madly to catch up. There is some video footage or Chestnut’s birthday party to come and my first ever pet how-to video. Do enjoy!

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Sandra Bellamy Meets Andy Harrington at Stand and Deliver – What’s Your Dream?

Watch my video, to discover why I haven’t published my Break Through The Barriers of Redundancy book yet, more about Andy Harrington’s Passion Into Profit book, and my excitement over seeing him soon!

Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver signing Sandra Bellamy’s Profit Into Passion Book

Andy Harrington Passion Into Profit Book
Andy Harrington – The Speaker’s Academy – Passion Into Profit Book

Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver
Sandra Bellamy being taught by Andy Harrington at his Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.

Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington's Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.

Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington's Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course, and is learning his systems.

Have you ever had a dream? Something you have always wanted to do, but didn’t? Someone you have always wanted to meet, but it never happened? A lifestyle you always aspire to? A dream job?

Stop what you are doing right now and answer these questions:

Why haven’t you achieved your dream yet?

What is stopping you from achieving your dream?

What are you prepared to sacrifice or give up, to achieve your dream?

How are you going to achieve your dream?

What goals and action plan are you going to put in place, to achieve your dream?

Think about these, and write down your answers to form a framework for how to achieve your dream.

One of my dreams is to be a world renowned author and an inspirational speaker on stage in London, but it’s never going to happen unless I take action. I am taking action to achieve these, as I recently went to London to attend Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver, world-class speaker training. Andy is the World’s Leading Public Speaking expert. He has shared the stage with the likes of Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump.

Seize this moment to achieve your dreams.

What dream do you have and what are you doing to help you to achieve it? I would love to read your comments about this!

You may have noticed a similar post from me, on my blog. I thought this post is relevant to you too.

Major apologies for not getting around to visit many of your blogs recently. At the moment I am working 13 days in a row and have just finished day 3. In case you didn’t know, I now have two employed jobs and I am self-employed. Most nights I am getting 3-4 hours sleep a night, and so I am maxed out with work.

Last week I finished creating my and officially launched it. It took me one day of 12-13 hours and 4 evenings/early mornings to create this one. On the night/through until the early hours before launch, I had less than 2 hours and 20 minutes sleep, before getting up for my day job. It’s not that I don’t think of you and love you, because I do. It it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I know this is true. I love my blogger family and thank you for being a part of my World Of Quirky.

Stay quirky and write soon


Daisy Guinea pig – I lost my Angel

My furry baby Daisy Guinea pig died yesterday – I lost my angel to a respiratory infection.

Since being diagnosed on Friday 13th, she took a turn for the worst, and although she had been having problems with her breathing, yesterday morning, she was gasping for breath. I got her to the vets in the morning and she was admitted for the day, for treatment, and to go in an oxygen incubator. Chestnut, went with her for companionship.

When I went to collect Daisy to take her home, the receptionist/nurse, had previously said on the phone that she was still having breathing problems, but ‘stable’. We got there a bit earlier than our appointment time. The vet took her into the consultation room, began to talk, and took her out of the box that I had brought her in. Within seconds, she died. My mum was with me and said she had ‘gone’ before the vet did. She only took a couple of breaths and sort of went on her side and that was it. (She hung on for me I guess. Bless her.)

While she was at the vets, I prayed that whatever happens would be the best for her, either way. As much as I want/ed her alive. I did not like to see her gasping for breath. Barely any guinea pigs I know of, are able to survive a respiratory infection.

The vet was in shock as he said she was fine minutes ago, before he had moved her to the consultation room. He said that while there, she had 40ml of recovery formula and was even eating it from the plate. He said she had been playing in the food pot and he had food down his clothing to prove it.

Yesterday was a sad day for me and I am am still crying today. My angel Daisy has gone forever. It’s so sudden since Friday and so upsetting. I loved my sweet one to bits.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and the first time Daisy had been without her mum Snuggles, since she passed on the 24th of October, 2014. The vet bought me a plant for the loss of Snuggles and it had the most amount of flowers it’s ever had on it, since her death. They are in an upright position, looking to the heavens.


At first I thought they were upright meaning Daisy would get better, now I know they are upright because they are pointing to the heavens and to where she is now with her mum Snuggles, her brother Cinnamon and her Aunty Peaches. I love you all. Take care of each other in heaven. I miss you and love you all. I wish you were with me now. It’s hurts so very much. It cuts like a knife, I want your tender touch, now, but I can no longer have it. My precious baby furry kid family, gone forever. My love for you is eternal and it always will be, forever and beyond the galaxies, the moon and the stars. Thank you for loving me too, so very much, my precious babies.

I wish I could magic them back, but I can’t. This isn’t a book or a fairytale, or even a tragic story that needed telling. It’s reality and hurts.

As a tribute to Daisy (black and white ), I decided to upload the last video I ever recorded of her and Chestnut in the cage, before I was about to clean them out. It was taken on the 2nd of March, 2015. So; yes – the respiratory infection came on quickly. Having said that, I noticed a few days before that her breathing wasn’t the same and I thought she may have gotten an enlarged heart like her mum Snuggles. Snuggles breathed heavier than the average piggie and her Aunty Peaches made bad breathing noises for two years and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Peaches died of a respiratory infection and genetic lung condition and her mum had a spot on her lung, so there was always hereditary problems.

I hope you like the video. It’s hard to publish it, but at the same time I feel it needs to be and is a tribute to Daisy. I have an unpublished video of Snuggles on her birthday, when she was very sick before she died a few days later. At the moment I am keeping that a secret and not publishing it,  as she was so poorly and for now at least, it’s between me and her.

In case you missed the last two posts, here are some photos only taken days ago.





In the last photo you can tell she is looking sicker.

I hope you like the final video footage that I took of her and Chestnut on the 2nd of March. She is mischievous at the end of it with headbutts. Soooo naughty!

You only have one life, so live it, love it, be happy, and seek out those who can make you happy after you have made yourself happy. If you love someone, tell them. If they don’t love you back, move on. Do what you were born to do and keep doing it over and over again. Remember, I love you. You are super awesome in your own right and very special.

Daisy’s previous video

Snuggles video in case you missed it

To end on a lighter note, in case you missed it, here is Chestnut’s Inspirational New Year Message

Before I go, I am thrilled to share with you, that Paula Acton has nominated me for the Very Inspirational Blog Award, the video


Until next time

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Embrace Your Quirky and Each Others.


Bristol Zoo Gardens Feeding the Lorikeets – Valentine’s Day Video Two

So it feels like an age since it was Valentine’s Day and International Celebrate Being Single Day. I had an absolute blast feeding not one, not two, but three lorikeets! Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

I am mega busy with my day job and producing the course content for my teaching job. Which often takes hours to write and produce. I am working as a Peer Trainer for the Recovery learning Community, that is part of the NHS Partnership Trust. I am their social media trainer. I teach Blogging, Facebook and Twitter for recovery. It feels fantastic to write the course content myself and  after suffering from depression for a lot of my life, up until about 3 years ago, to help aid other’s recovery from mental ill health – feels wonderful.

As I have special permission to keep the copyright of all course materials, I will be using a lot of it for future non-fiction ‘how to’ books, that I intend to sell as e-Books.

I am still going to self-publishing my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book. I have more people interested in it.

Watch this space for the future of Quirky Books. It’s very exciting.

Write soon and keep being your quirky self


Bristol Zoo Mammoth Pile up – Valentine’s Day/Celebrate Being Single Day Video 1

I had a super awesome Valentine’s Day/Celebrate Being Single Day. I went to Bristol Zoo – Make sure you check out my Bristol Zoo Mammoth Pile up video, then I went to the cinema and saw Jupiter Ascending in 3D. The 3D was on an  XPLUS, IMAX quality screen, that was amazing. See this link below to it:

  • Showcase Cinema De Lux, Cinema, Cabot Circus, Bristol

    Brand new to Showcase Cinema de Lux is XPLUS, which features a giant wall to wall, floor to ceiling screen, next generation projection giving crystal clear …

After that, I went for a Thai meal and it was great. I was by myself all day and had an absolute blast. It felt great to celebrate being single for the fourth year in a row.

Two more videos from Bristol Zoo, are to come. Including the third one of me feeding 3 Lorikeets.

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Why it’s important to date yourself: Quirky Love Video Six


How are you celebrating?

Keep embracing your quirky and write soon.

LOVE and lot of it