CAN ANYONE HELP MY SNOW? My Guinea Pig’s Tongue is Attached to her Cheeks! PLEASE READ/SHARE THIS!!

Tongue attached to my guinea pig's cheeks
Please can you help my Snow? Snow is the white guinea pig – with the tongue attached to her cheeks problem – Have you heard of it? What can be done to save her?

CAN ANYONE HELP MY SNOW? My Guinea Pig’s Tongue is Attached to her Cheeks!

On Tuesday morning, Snow went to the vets as an emergency. She had stopped drinking and eating her piggie mix, and was lethargic and ill the previous night and I asked my parents provisionally if they would take her to the vets the next morning while I went to work. She was just eating a little spinach. She had to have emergency surgery own her teeth as she was poorly and dehydrated.

Snow is still alive as she made it through her operation okay, but I am devastated that she will have to have an operation on her teeth, 3 times a year for the rest of life! The vet found something they have never seen before – Snow’s tongue is attached to both her cheeks!!! Making it hard for her to eat and her teeth overgrow on her tongue which stops her eating. She then has to have her teeth cut, but they cannot use the normal piece of equipment in her mouth to do the operation because of the way her cheeks are attached. They can’t cut the tongue away from the cheeks and so she will continue to need her teeth cutting otherwise she can’t eat and drink and will die. She is recommended to have a check to every two months and an operation 3 times a year.

Last time she had her teeth cut was at the beginning of Jan – Jan 2nd was her first consultation about it, and the vet who did this first operation, never saw the problem then, or before, in is his entire veterinary career, and he used to be a speaker on exotic pets when he was in South Africa! The vet who did the surgery at the same practise, has never seen anything like it before and there is nothing on Google about it. They are baffled by it. I phoned and spoke to another veterinary practice which is supposed to be the top in the country and they have not ever heard of such a thing either. Today my vet said her tongue is attached to her cheeks by like a mucous, made of her same cheek material! They are baffled. It wasn’t there is January and there may be veins in the bit that is attached. PLEASE CAN YOU SHARE THIS POST TO ASK IF ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN HELP MY SNOW!! HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN OR HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?? AND WHAT CAN BE DONE?

I asked what happens when she is very old and needs an operation because of her teeth, as it’s my worst fear and I would rather know what will happen, and it will be literally a do or die situation – if they don’t do it when she is old she will die and she could die under anaesthetic. Every time she has an operation there is still a risk not only because of the anaesthetic, but also the risk of not resuming eating quickly and her gut not working properly. I have had one guinea pig die in the past from a teeth operation because he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic, and another one died from gut statis – where the gut stopped working after not returning quick enough to eating after a teeth operation, and from another operation she had to have, as she was too weak to stay alive after it. This is very upsetting about Snow. She is insured but they don’t always pay for teeth operations and if they don’t, trying to pay for that 3 times a year and checkups every two months/taxis back and forth, is going to be very difficult. Please can you share this as I need to find a solution to help her to live as long and full life as possible. If it has happened since January, there is no telling what will happen to her in the future. She is recovering well from this operation and currently being looking after by my mum. PLEASE HELP AND SHARE THIS asking if anyone has heard of it and knows what to do? The vet drew me a diagram but WordPress keeps saying the photo is an error! No matter whether I upload it from my Mac or phone. So I hope the description will at least help.

Please share this, it would mean so much.

Love and hugs and Wheeks from Snow and Chestnut!


How My Guinea Pig Chestnut Inspires Me! – Chestnut’s Second Birthday – Video 1

I have had a full on week of webinars and training – I am currently doing the YouTube Success Bootcamp, and I also fell over and cut/bruised my knee, so I have been getting over that. It’s still sore, but I can walk normally and have rested it today, as well as jigging on the spot, mostly using my upper body to music – while doing the washing up – well, inbetween! Always be quirky!

Write soon


Be a Warrior in Your Own Life!

Hi everyone



Thank you deeply for all of your beautiful wishes regarding the death of Snuggles. It’s hugely comforting to know we have been in your thoughts and prayers.

Snow had her second birthday on the 15th of October and I have an awesome video of her, on her birthday, to share with you in a future post. Plus, I still have a ton of Disneyland Paris photos and some videos from there too. Do not miss the video of me screaming on a rollercoaster, it’s hilarious.

Unfortunately, Snow was rushed in for emergency surgery on Monday 27th. She couldn’t eat or drink and I found an abscess on her left cheek. She was cut open and now has a tube through her cheek, that is acting as a drain. My mum is looking after her and she has a checkup tomorrow. Daisy is also going to the vets tomorrow for a lump check.

Be a warrior in your own life, is exactly how I am feeling right now.

As you know, I often think of life events in terms of stories, right now, I see myself as a warrior, protected by a suit of armour. Being knocked down to the floor and getting back up time and time again. Fighting through life’s challenges. Rebuffing, the constant unpleasant surprises snd thinking of the time when I will be in a field of daisies with the sun beaming down on my golden hair and helmet comfortably tucked under my arm.

I still think life is beautiful. I still see its wonder. I try to be mindful of the present, while looking to the future.

3 deaths so far this year. My Grandma, Cinnamon and Snuggles.

Life is a test, be a warrior in your own life and let nothing stop you from feeling its amazing beauty and that it’s fantastic to be alive.

Keep pursuing your dreams, keep moving forward with your life, keep looking to the future and keep fighting to live, survive and thrive.

Be a warrior in your own life and be truly unstoppable.

Embrace your quirky and write soon


A Loving Memory Poem About Snuggles From Hutachagoodlife – Thank you

In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles Who Sadly Died This Morning

wpid-20140502_204957.jpg wpid-20140502_210335.jpg wpid-20140502_210422.jpg

A huge thank you to from the bottom of my heart, for these lovely words and your beautiful poem. You have touched my heart and soul. Snuggles would have loved the poem, just as much as I do.

Whee are utterly heartbroken and so very very sorry for your loss.

Snuggles may have passed away,
And your heart’s clearly breaking,
But remember all the good times,
And let them ease the aching.
Let the memory of her squeak,
And the smile on her lips,
Bring you some small comfort,
When your heart’s in griefs grips.
She is no longer of this Earth,
Over the Rainbow Bridge she stays,
Happy, free and painlessly,
In the meadows in the sky she plays.
So dry your tears,
And take my hand,
Smile my dear friend,
Because, like a circle,
Her life and your love,
Will surely never end.

You are in our thoughts


In Loving Memory Of My Snuggles Who Sadly Died This Morning

Hi everyone






Sadly Snuggles died at the vets at around 3am this morning. I got a phone call at around 9am.

I have felt devastated all day, upset, and really sorry I could not have Snuggled/C2013-10-12 08.52.13uddled her for longer yesterday, because I felt so faint in the vets.

Today I have had to do practical things, that I really wasn’t in the mood for. I had to go to the bank to transfer money for rent and set up two accounts. Including, one for pet insurance. I also had to take the money out of my ISA to pay for Snuggles’s operation.

After the excruciating amount of money I have spent over last year and this year, I need to insure Snow and Chesnut. As Daisy had a lump problem before, and may still have one (check-up this Thursday), I cannot insure her for that, but I can for other illnesses that are non-related to any pre-existing conditions.

To my beautiful Snuggles:

Your eyes are gleaming,

Your love is beaming,

A ray of sunshine back into my heart.

I remember you as a baby,

Your tiny nose,

Furry coat

And fluffy whiskers

You always had such a bounce and spring in your step,

You lived your life with no regret,

You wheeked and wheeked for your favourite veg,

You bumbled along, bold and amazing.

You were a warrior and my hero,

Seeing you yesterday come back to life, from almost dead, was incredible,

You are sensational,

You are my bestest friend

And you always will be.

You licked my tears away from my face

With your gentle grace,

As I cried uncontrollably from my Grandma’s death.

Even though you were frailer,

Your eyes squinting and paler,

You still made the effort to lick my tears this week,

You were a second mum to me.

You were so cute, cuddly and snuggly.

You loved snuggling under my chin,

If guineapigs could smile,

You would have had an awesome grin.

You were the most beautiful and precious pig,

A gorgeous tri-colour.

If I grow up to be half as strong as you were,

I will be so proud of me,

But best of all,

I will always be so proud of you my dearest Snuggles,

You will forever be,

My little baby.

I love you with all of my heart,

Now and forever,

One day we will again be together,

But for now,

I will enjoy each and every minute of life.

Because to be alive is great,

It’s the greatest blessing and comfort of all,

I love you forever and more,

Eight good luck kisses for you


Say hello to Peaches and Cinnamon too.

I am happy we discussed death in your final days,

So it’s not such a haze,

But a sacred place where we have been together,

I love you, come what may be the weather.

We will always be furry soul mates,

With no hesitate.

I love you until eternity and back.

My dear Snuggles,

I am thrilled you lived to be three,

Now go and be pain free,

Play in the garden of heaven,

I would say save a place for me,

But I don’t want to tempt my fate,

I want to live to be a hundred,

Or much later.

I still have hope, optimism and positivity,

You always inspired that within me.

I love you for that and all of your amazing ways,

I love you for you, always xxxxxxxx

Never Give Up!



imageI saw the ‘Never give up’ photo on Facebook, and knew that I must do exactly that. Snuggles has been fighting for her life and I wasn’t about to give up on her.  Even though my mum’s vet in Dawlish suggested she may need to be put to sleep, my own vet in Exeter, said there is a slim chance she may survive the operation and he would perform it. She had 3 fatty lumps removed and her ovaries and uterus that they were attached to. The photo is of the smallest lump that was removed. She pulled through the anesthetic well, which is a miracle, and is recovering in the vets tonight. One major problem still remains, her liver is badly damaged with fatty degeneration. It is yellow and may or may not repair itself. I have to cut veg down or out of her diet completely and have all in one pellets. She needs to start eating again by herself, instead of being syringe fed. This is a huge concern.

I went to the vets to drop some food off for her, before I found out her diet must be changed. I was allowed to give her hugs, but felt like I was going to faint. The room went grey, I felt sick, dizzy and over-heated. I had to end my time with Snugs, quicker than I wanted to, but I didn’t want to drop her. With looking at that lump and seeing her half the size of the skin and bones she was before she had the op; plus the pink stream from where the injection and maybe blood had mingled in her coat, and the smells, and her moaning in pain, it’s no wonder I nearly passed out. Snuggles is a brave warrior, braver than me, and my hero for eternity. Miss her tonight. As I do every night I don’t see her.

I got that pretty necklace from Disneyland Paris and I wear it a lot. It reminds me that dreams can come true, that wonderful things can happen, and that magic and miracles can occur. I rub it and believe it so much. I also believe in Snuggles and in never giving up!

Who Wants to Join The Piggie Party? – Snuggles’s 3rd Birthday!

Hi everyone


I am pleased to report that Snuggles is recovering from her Bloat/Gastritis/Gut Stasis, life or death illlness. A huge thanks to my mum, for tirelessly nursing and syringe feeding her. She still continues to do so. I will always be eternally grateful to my mum for saving Snuggles’s life, and the fact she was alive for her third birthday party, on Sunday 12th of October.








How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?

Write soon, embrace your quirky and your pet’s quirky too.


Who needs a massage?

Hi everyone





I am back from my holiday in Disneyland Paris and London. I had the time of my life and have a ton of great photos and a few videos to share with you. Including a video of the Disney Dreams show and the most amazing rollercoaster screaming video ever – As it’s got me in it, I am a bit biased but it is hilarious. I can’t help but laughed at myself.

But firstly; who needs a massage?
Snuggles does. Snuggles has been severely ill whilst I was on holiday, and since I got back. She had a second operation on her teeth today. A tooth problem has given her Bloat, that meant her tummy swelled with gas from not eating and digesting food properly. She has been in a life or death situation. She is still at risk. I read on the internet that a massager can help with Bloat. So I bought her a HoMedics Shiatsu massage cushion to ease her pain, and get things moving along the gut. It seems to have been working – notice the plops, and helping to ease her pain as she can chill out on it. It was £50 well spent. I have always wanted one myself, but felt it was too expensive for me. Nothing is too expensive for my Snugs. She is my best friend and I need her to make a full recovery and live. Her third birthday is this Sunday 12th of October. I have been staying at my Parent’s with her. My mum is doing an amazing job of syringe feeding her and looking after her, and she will continue to do so while I return to my day job tomorrow.

I went on a mad shopping spree in Disneyland Paris, and bought a lot of stuff for myself, including this awesome top.


Write and post more about my holiday soon

Close Encounters of the Furry Kind!

Hi everyone





As you know, Cinnamon died, and I had to take immediate action to get a new companion for Daisy, so she would eat and drink again. It did the trick. Please welcome Chestnut into our furry family.

Chestnut is a Golden Agouti and reddy-brown in colour. Her birthday is the day before mine, on the 23rd of April, making her 5 months old. Being quirky, it’s great to have a new furry baby to be broody over. I am never like that with human babies, and not having kids of my own. In fact being quirky, and breaking conventions, I am not the sex, marriage and kids type. I am 100% a quirky businesswoman, entrepreneur, and love leading a young, kid-like, vibrant quirky life. It’s what I was born to be and do.

What type of life, do you like to lead?

Daisy has taken to Chestnut like a duck to water. It’s like they have been together forever.

I am away in London and Disneyland Paris next week with my cousin. No work for once in my life, in 3 years.  Can’t wait. Yipeeeee!

Write soon

A Celebration of Life!

Hi everyone

Cinnamon just had a bath.
It’s sad to think I won’t have Cinnamon or my Grandma this Christmas.

This morning my Cinnamon died at home in his cage. He had been severely poorly. He had barely eaten all day on Saturday. I took Sunday off from my day job to take him to the vets. He had to have surgery on most of his teeth. The bottom ones, either side, that were curving over onto his tongue and had food trapped inbetween the gaps in his teeth, and the top teeth that had split. One of his bottom teeth had somehow broken off. He had bad side effects from the anaesthetic, including peeing blood. He had a fit and still wouldn’t eat or drink by himself, and this was ongoing until he died.
I rushed Cinnamon into the emergency vets on Monday morning. Then to my own vets after, where they kept him all day and syringe fed him. I rushed him into my own vets yesterday, after he went on his side and his eyes were closing. In the taxi, his body was convulsing. It was horrid to watch. At the vets he was okay, and they said it must have been seizures. They had him in for the day and syringe fed him. He made a few piggie noises which was a good sign, but he was still very sick. Each time at home, he would barely be able to stand up and kept sleeping. Although the vets believed that his teeth stopped him from eating, two x-rays revealed he had a mass near his kidney and abdomen, that wasn’t a fatty lump. If he didn’t eat by himself by Saturday, he would have had to have an operation to remove it, or he would have died. Nature took him sooner.

There is a saying; that says start each day afresh. I have had to start the same day afresh, and turn the page immediately to start a new chapter in my life. Although I have been grieving for Cinnamon, I have had to put Daisy first. She cannot live by herself; and won’t eat or drink without Cinnamon, and would go downhill and die herself if I had left her on her own. I took action before Cinnamon was taken by my parents to be buried.

While my parents were still in my home, I researched the internet for a new bigger, because I needed my dad to take me to get one. I phoned a breeder whose piggies had all gone; but the heavens were smiling down on me and my furry family, and she had a friend who was a breeder. This friend just happened to have one single female piggie that hadn’t been able to be paired, because she is so different. As you know, being quirky myself, I love different. I went and bought her this afternoon and said she looks like a chestnut, so that is what I have named her. Daisy started eating again shortly afterwards. At the moment they are all living happily ever after, and it isn’t a fairytale in the fictional sense; but a truly magical gift that Chestnut happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Daisy and new life partner Chestnut.

I miss you Cinnamon so much and I love you with every beat of my heart. I am so very sorry I couldn’t have saved you my sweetheart. Thankyou for the wonderful memories we will always share. I feel pain and loss for you, and mummy will always love you and treasure every moment and every whisker twitch she had from, and with, you. You were the vet’s favourite and my handsome, sexy male pig. You could give the human males a run for their money with such stunning beauty as yours. I loved putting my fingers through your locks of hair, holding you upright in my hands, which you loved, and calling you my king. You loved being the head of the household and I will miss you so very much, my precious one. Know you will be in my heart, forever and always. I love you until the ends of time and forever.

These last few days have been so emotional for me. I have been on a knife’s edge, not knowing whether Cinnamon will live to see another day, or be gone in the blink of an eye. After a few strange noises this morning from Cinnamon’s cage and a couple of light switches on and off, to see what was happening. Cinnamon sadly passed away in his sleeping position. When I took him out of the cage, he was dead, but only just, I think, because his body was so warm. I may have seen the shallows of his last breaths, or I may not have done. One thing I do know, he was a fantastic character, a great headbutter, and I will always love him no matter what.

As I celebrate your life before passing, I welcome a new life into our quirky furry family. It’s hard, but I have to remain strong and get through it. I love you forever Cinnamon. God bless you and keep you safe in his cuddle always. Goodbye my special one. I love you implicitly and always will, forever more. May your soul be at peace now, as your journey continues on the other side. Night my sweet Cinnamon. Love you forever and ever in my heart.

I am out of words and devastated, but thankful for Chestnut coming into our lives to save Daisy.

Take care of you and each other. Life is too short not to care. If you love someone or care for someone, tell them. You only get one life, and the choices you make now, will shape your future forever.
Thank you to each and every one of you, for being part of my community, my quirky life, and my quirky world. God bless each and every one of you.

Always remember to embrace your quirky, keep writing, and lead the life that only you were born to lead.