Free Product In Exchange For Review – Scam Or Legit? Can you really get free products in exchange for an honest review?

Can you really get free products in exchange for an honest review? Or are all ‘free’ product reviews scams, and people just want you to buy their products? How do you get to be a reviewer and get free products?

It sounds too good to be true… it sounds like a scam… get a product for free, just for leaving an honest review, how is this possible? I was dubious, I was cautious. Especially when I spent what seemed like a whole day setting up an account with after the guy who runs it reached out to me personally when he saw I was an influencer from my channel, and asked me to sign up, and the only 3 campaigns I initially applied for was with Intellifluence itself, and they still haven’t responded since the 9th of March! It’s so poor! The reason being, as far as I can tell, but they haven’t told me this outright, is the fact they don’t include blogs like this as a real ‘blog’ and having as much influence as you don’t own it, like you would if you had, for example, a blog, or an equivalent on your own website. So you can’t add blogs like this as a ‘blog’ you have to add them as ‘other’ which then doesn’t seem to count on your influencer figures. It’s disgusting to be honest. So many people tell you, you should move your blog over to your own hosted site by exporting it, and leave the platform for the one, but… years ago I didn’t take that advice. I knew, that because of how early I started this blog (over 10 years ago) it was for sure going to be great for SEO because of the longevity of it. You only have to look at how many followers I have collectively, and how many likes some of my posts have gotten in the last several months especially, that it’s a very popular and influential blog. I get daily likes and subs without even thinking about it anymore, with posts I haven’t touched for months! In fact I haven’t done a blog post for some time on here because I have been busy working on my Asexual Guide To Sex book (which is taking me longer to write than I first thought) and right now I am working on a new monthly membership site for Asexuals and fans of my channel, and allies, with exclusive content not seen on my channel, live streams, person development training and coaching about asexuality, dating/relationships, mindset and motivation, coping skills for anxiety, depression, stress, life hacks to live your best life, writing and marketing advice, how to make spare cash, productivity, Q&A, and a monthly online meetup. More details on that to follow if you want to be part of it, for an excellent value for money monthly fee to join my Asexualise Academy Club. I’m super exited about this! Although it’s an asexual channel (for those whose sexual orientation is asexuality and who lack sexual attraction, so many don’t like sex, the club will be open to asexuals, fans of my channel (some of whom aren’t asexual but have partners who are, or who are respectful and find my content useful, helpful, inspiring) and allies – so those who support asexuals. I digress!

So if I didn’t get any response from Intellifluence, how did I get a product to review for free? Oh yes, in case you were wondering where this Quirky Books blog post is going, I did in fact get given a product for free to review! Well, I haven’t received it yet. It arrives on Monday 29th of March 2021 – it’s Friday 26th March 2021, when I’m currently writing this. And I am so, so, excited. In case you haven’t guessed what that product is yet, because you scrolled past the image at the top of this post without thinking, it is in fact, the 2020 Upgraded BFULL A3 Laminator, 6-in-1 – which includes a paper trimmer. I was contacted by Ashley, the Manager of BFULL by email, who said they watch my and like my videos, here is what they actually said:

I would highly recommend you check out this 6-in-1 Laminator on Amazon here Because before I have even got it, I am really super excited by how it looks already and how many different functions it has. Touch screen too. It looks so futuristic and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and have a play around. It’s like wow! And especially as the manager is so nice too – that really helps and gives me confidence in the product.

So yes, other than signing up to product review sites and/or influencer sites such as Intellifluence (yes that is a referral link) if you want to get free products to review, then you need to become such an influencer in your industry, that people approach you to review products for them and offer them to you for free, to keep. Even though my Asexualise My Asexual Life channel has nothing to do with office products, (it’s to do with a sexual orientation and I do a lot of videos about asexuality, dating and relationships, as well as self-love and no sex movie reviews), that’s how they found me, because my email address is in the About section, so if you have a YouTube channel, be sure to include your email address in the “details” of the About section, so companies can potentially contact you. See screenshot below! (Check the view count!)

I found out through Intellifluence that the more influence you have, the more companies are likely to give you money to buy their product/s to review. Rather than you having to buy the product/s out of your own money first and potentially lose money if they don’t give you the money back, or they don’t give you the money back in full, or you have to pay PayPal fees or other fees, or you have to pay for shipping. So the fact this company offered me to have the product for free on my own terms, to keep, meant they see me as a high influencer. And with 178,404 views, as shown in the screenshot above, you can see why I’m an influencer and they approached me!

So what were my terms to ensure I was not out of pocket by even a penny, so you can duplicate my success should you have someone approach you to review a product for free, or should you want to approach someone else to review their product for them. Here they are:

  • Full payment to buy the BFULL laminator was to be paid to me via PayPal before I purchased the product.
  • All PayPal fees were to be paid to me in full along with the item cost, so I was not out of pocket by a penny.
  • Shipping must be free with no importation fees.
  • No other costs.

In exchange for this, I have agreed to their request, to leave a review on Amazon with a photo/or video. They have not asked me to leave any type of review or tried to influence that review whatsoever, and this is good, or it would break Amazon seller rules. You have to allow the person to leave an honest review and that’s what they are doing. By the looks of it, the quality of their product will speak for itself anyhow, so I can’t wait to test out the BFULL 6-in-1 laminator, super soon!

As you can see in this screenshot, they paid me the exact amount for their BFULL laminator (£45.99), to the penny, and also after paying the PayPal fees (£2.69), and that’s the money I used to buy their BFULL laminator from Amazon, which I can’t wait to to receive and try out.

So yes, you can really get products for free in exchange for an honest review! Truly, completely free, legit! But it’s even better when you develop such great influence in your niche, that companies approach you and are quite willing to give you free (high quality – by the look of the BFULL Laminator photos) products, on your own terms.

In order to be an influencer and have people reach out to you, start a blog (like this one), gain a good social media following, and in particular if you have a YouTube channel be sure you include your contact details in the About section so companies know how to find you. Always be your bold, brave, true, authentic self, and say what you really think and feel, don’t be a mouse, be a lion! If you are true, authentic, honest and real, and love to share your opinion, how do you think companies are going to view you? As someone who they can trust to give you their money upfront and get an honest review! Which is exactly what they want and are looking for! So be what they want, be what they are looking for, and you will stand out from the crowd as someone who they can trust to do a great job, and if they have other products, they are more likely to reach out to you again!

I hope you find this blog article useful, if you have please share it with a friend or someone you know who may benefit from reading it. Sharing is caring, after all. And if you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below!

As always, until next time, write soon, and in case you didn’t already know, my publishing imprint is Quirky Books, and writing is my hugest passion of my life.

Write soon, stay quirky, always

Sanda xx

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