21 Reasons Why I Love Being A Writer!

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Let me know how many of these 21 reasons why I love being a writer, you can relate to, in the comments below!

  1. Your imagination is brought to life!
  2. When writing a fiction book, the characters speak to you and tell you how to write their story! (True or true?)
  3. It’s exciting to see your ideas come to life.
  4. When momentum builds and you can’t stop writing, it’s so euphoric!
  5. I just love the act of writing, it feels like I am in ecstasy when I do it.
  6. Writing feels like a part of my soul I never want to be without, it’s central to my core being.
  7. It stops and prevents boredom.
  8. I feel like my books are my best friends, they know all my secrets, my personal thoughts and feelings, and they don’t judge me; they just let me flow and be me, as I am, in the moment.
  9. My books are my companions on a dark and gloomy day, and also a spark of light, that lightens the way.
  10. Writing is a gift that I am proud to say I have, and it makes me feel amazing!
  11. Writing is my life purpose 100%, it’s the number 1 thing in my life that gives me 100% satisfaction.
  12. Writing changes people’s lives.
  13. Writing a book leaves a lasting legacy, long after you have gone from this earth in the human form you are at present. (Seeing your book in a future life could be a hugely surreal experience if you believe in reincarnation, and a great story in and of itself. I have thought about writing that one myself but as I specialise in mostly non-fiction, I prefer to stick to what I enjoy writing the most, but if you are looking for a writing prompt, then you can grab this one with my compliments!)
  14. I love owning my own publishing imprint of Quirky Books – it was a dream since I started writing this blog over 8 years ago. This means any books published under my own imprint can be ordered in shops and found in some UK libraries, including the British Library, as I have my own ISBN  numbers.
  15. My ASEXUAL PERSPECTIVES: 47 Asexual Stories: LOVE, LIFE and SEX, ACElebration of ASEXUAL DIVERSITY book, is in the British Library, and will go down as part of British Heritage to be used for research for generations to come, I am really proud of this. Especially as everyone thinks they need to have sex in order to have a loving, happy, and healthy relationship, which for asexuals, (those who lack sexual attraction), is simply not true.
  16. Writing makes me feel good, about myself; about my life; and in general I am so much happier when I am writing than when I am not. When I don’t write, it feels like something is missing from my life and my soul is not fulfilled.
  17. Writing feels so good and puts me in a good mood, it makes me feel more like my life is worth living.
  18. Writing is extremely therapeutic, it purges the soul and allows you to get all of your feelings and emotions out in a constructive manner.
  19. Being a writer allows you to be an observer of life like no other. You see the world completely differently to anyone else.
  20. There is no limit to how many books you can write and how many lives you can change as a result.
  21. Writing it the most powerful communication tool you can use to change the world. Even if you learn something on a YouTube video; other video; or from listening to a person speak, it’s the act of writing that learning out, that instills the learning into the subconscious mind. It’s only through changing patterns in the subconscious mind, that we can begin to free ourselves of the social and parental conditioning that we have grown accustom to.

How many of these 21 reasons why I love being a writer can you relate to? Please write in the comments below, I would love to read you xx

Until next time, as always, stay quirky and write really soon

Sandra xx

5 thoughts on “21 Reasons Why I Love Being A Writer!

  1. I am re-discovering the digital world after a long hiatus and found your site by chance. I never thought of myself as a writer despite one successful work-related book and three unsaleable self-published novels. I thought writing was just something you did when there was a need to. But it is an ability that I do possess and as 86 year-old in a retirement village there is nothing else I can contribute to the world. So thanks for your site and it’s encouragement.

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    1. Hi Chris, sorry for the delay in reply, I have been busy getting my latest book ready for publication, and this week especially, as it will be on Amazon soon. I am so glad you came across my site and so happy you found it encouraging. It’s great you have recognised the valuable skill and gift you have to offer the world. It’s imperative as writer’s that we leave our written legacy to the world, so that other’s can benefit from it when we are no longer in this physical form. Congratulations on your work-related book!! ‘How to’ books are the most popular type of non-fiction. Especially if you can write them in ‘hot topic’ niches. At 86 years old, you are doing the right thing. Write like you have never written before and take the world by storm. If you are on Facebook, and especially with the books you said that are unsaleable – there are free book promotion groups you can request to join and post your books to, for promoting them. If it’s something that is new and/or you are not sure if it will sell or not, put a really low price on it like a $1 or 99p to get some initial sales and interest and write a good description in the Facebook post and keep posting your book each day in there for at least 3 weeks and you can even say your age and what you are trying too achieved and would love a review on Amazon, you have to continuously promote your books to get sales, and gradually put the price up when the book becomes more popular and then stop putting the price up when you think it’s already at the right price or you sales start to dwindle! At the end of the day, it’s more important to reach a lot of people why you are still here to, than worry about the price and money, just get your work out there and promote the heck out of it in the best way possible.


    1. Hi Wendy, I think you are right. My book that I wrote was especially comforting in times of heartache and pain. It was a friend and companion to me during some dark days and keeps me believing in myself and mty abilities. Writing is so therapeutic. xx

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