Bookstore Quote For Book Lovers – How does it make you feel?

I hope you like this bookstore quote for book lovers, by Reese Witherspoon? Would you agree or disagree?

How do you feel when you walk into a book store? Or do you prefer to buy all of your books online? I would love to read you, so please leave your comments below!

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

14 thoughts on “Bookstore Quote For Book Lovers – How does it make you feel?

  1. Walking into a lovely bookstore is like coming home. The door shuts behind you and you find yourself surrounded by the enormous potential held on all the shelves – things to learn, adventures to be had, people to know. Second hand bookshops are the best, because it’s not just new books – you can usually find some old treasure or a book you read decades ago. Love it! Much better than shopping for clothes!


    1. Hi Wendy, awww, that is really great you feel that way, especially about second hand bookstores. I can feel the bookstore come to life through your own words, and that the bookstore is ready for it’s own adventure, I think that would make for a great fiction book.

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      1. That’s actually a great idea. I had been looking for a mystical setting for a new book concept, and a bookstore would be perfect! Especially one that is seeking its own adventure. I can hear the ghosts rustling through the old books now… Thanks!


      2. Hi Wendy, really glad to have helped you spark off that creative idea for a new fiction book. I mostly specialise in non-fiction. Go for it!! I think you already have the opening chapter and your new book has already started to write itself. You know what the characters are like, they like to get out of the book, and show off their story, before you have been put pen to paper. I learn this from a fiction book I did start to write years ago, before I changed to non-fiction. The characters used to speak for themselves and help to write their own story. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Let me know how it goes xx

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      3. Funny, I usually write non-fiction too, but I have this new book concept and it requires a fiction story behind it. Should be fun. Thought it would be nice for a change – a bit lighter :o)

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    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Do you read mostly fiction or non-fiction books? I read non-fiction and find that the full price you pay for the amount of knowledge you get, is extremely worth it for the personal development I receive. People often pay more for a 4 course meal than a book, and that goes in and out with nothing to show. I find the personal development I get with a book, last a lifetime.

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      1. Of course! I read mostly fiction but some nonfiction. I guess there is a sense of risk when buying a book, hoping that it will meet your expectations for the full price tag. That’s why I love second hand books. I never feel guilty about getting used books, knowing that if I don’t end up liking it, I didn’t spend a fortune on it.


      2. Hi Hayley, that’s interesting, I have never thought of buying a non-fiction book as a risk, as I always learn something new. Really fascinating to see someone feel this way. I think on the whole full price non-fiction books are cheap. I do have a handful of second hand books, mostly fiction. It s a good idea to recycle books so applaud you for liking them in that way. Xx

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