HAPPY CHRISTMAS QUOTE – What Makes The Christmas Magic Linger For Longer for you?

xmas quote

The day has finally arrived when I can say a HUGE HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you, with lots of love and hugs from me and Angel (guinea pig furry kid daughter), who I get to spend time with whilst staying at my parents. xxxxxxxx Sadly Chestnut is no longer with me.

I love this Christmas Quote by Andy Rooney as I can relate to it so much! Can you?

I love to be surrounded by Christmas paper as it makes the magic linger for longer for me. What about you? I feel the same way about my Birthday paper too, especially if it’s got cute bears on it!

Sadly, my parents pretty much bin the Christmas paper as soon as it’s torn apart.

I also try to purposefully go slowly to pick and unwrap the Christmas presents – that way the magic also lingers for longer!

I love playing Christmas music too!

What do you do to make the magic of Christmas linger for longer? Please comment below as I love to read you!

Have a fabulous and very special Christmas day, just like you!

Have a truly quirky Christmas and write soon,

Sandra and Angel  xxxxxx

4 thoughts on “HAPPY CHRISTMAS QUOTE – What Makes The Christmas Magic Linger For Longer for you?

    1. Hi Ralph, Merry Christmas to you and Natasha and the pussycats. What pressies did you get each other and the cats? I got Angel a small animal stocking for Christmas and she loves the mini Christmas trees in it. Munching out of my hand as it states on the packet.

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      1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sandra ! Angel enjoys her present, doesn’t she ?
        The cats had lots of chicken pieces from my plate. I asked Natascha not to get me anything as I have everything I need, my laptop, Natascha and the cats, but she made me a lovely card. I gave her new lights for her bicycle. LEDs. So bright ! And an add-on, cats, lots of them for her SIM game. Enjoy the rest of your holiday my friend ❤

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