Freedom From Abuse 7 Year Anniversary

Today, marks the 7 Year Anniversary of me being free from abuse, and to celebrate I went on a self-date to the cinema and saw Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Which was an amazing family film. It is very Christmassy, with magic, wonder, beautiful costumes and sets, and some nicely simple special effects that were great for the film. Here is the trailer:

My ex was verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive, and also physically threatening. Fortunately, he was not sexually abusive, and was good to me in that way.

In this video, which is from my Asexualise My Asexual Life channel, and was live streamed, I talk about my past experience of that abuse, and how happy I am now to be free of that abuse, and living as a single, happy person. Whatever problems you are going through, just remember, you are super strong, and you are a survivor who can turn their life around and become a thriver who triumphs over life’s adversities.

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

6 thoughts on “Freedom From Abuse 7 Year Anniversary

    1. Thanks Ralph so very much. Well tomorrow morning I am off to the Doctors because I have had a chest infection for almost 3 weeks and today Angel went with my parents and me to the vets for a diabetes checkup and the vet found she has overian cysts and has to have an X-ray next Wed, to confirm, and then have an operation to remove them. Chestnut always go with her to the vets and I noticed when mum showed me her in the box at the vets, that she had lost weight, the receptionist weighed her and confirmed she had, so I got the vet the give her a checkup too and she was diagnosed with exactly the same thing, ovarian cysts and also had to have X-ray and then surgery on Wed next week, so they are going in together. Please have a prayer for them that they will be okay, xx

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      1. I am sorry to read that you have had an infection Sandra. It has taken me ages to reply, but I hope the infection is treatable and that you are feeling much better.
        How did the surgery go ? I hope all was well.
        I watched a part of your live video with Chestnut last night, but couldn’t stay as I had something to do. xx


      2. HI Ralph, oh I did not know that was you watching so thank you. I am just about to write the blog post I never wanted write. Chestnut is dead. 4 hours after surgery she started bleeding & they could not spot where from, so she bled to death. I have been in tears. We buried her in my mum’s garden about 4/5hours ago. I was crying a lot in the vets. I can’t believe she was there and then gone. That is the late time you will ever see her alive, so glad you saw her. xx

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      3. Oh no ! You must be devastated Sandra. I am upset for you. Chestnut looked so well in the video and I am glad that I had a last look at her with you. As well as this comment I did read your latest post and I won’t repeat this reply on that post. So sorry ! Love from all of us. Ralph and Natascha ❤
        (I hit Like just to say I'm sorry)


      4. Hi Ralph, that is okay about hitting the like button, thanks for understanding – yes, I have been devastated. If she hadn’t had the surgery, I believe she would still be alive. Although I am not sure how long for as she was losing weight which they told me was to do with the ovarian cysts, but as you could see, her coat was still shiny. If they are very ill, usually their coat is not shiny. She was teeth chattering a lot too, but usually that is if she needs the toilet. But she doesn’t normally do it that much. In the vets she did have a bit of a panic before she went in for surgery, almost like she knew. But yes, to see her with me and alive and active and then gone, was a huge blow to me. And bleeding to death, is not a nice way to go. She looked peaceful when dead, as we buried her, but it’s not the point. I had an asexual meetup that was already planned this weekend, starting from the day after she died.At first that was tough, but it was nice to be around friends.

        My mum had Angel rushed to the vets on Sunday due to her bleeding. Thankfully it stopped and the ultrasound revealed no pockets of blood inside her. She was low on blood glucose though, so had to have a shot of that and her insulin she is temporarily off and has another checkup next week. So as you can image, I am really concerned and worried about her. The same guy did her operation. The head vet was supervising at the time, but not there was Chestnut bled to death. Thanks for the love form you and Natascha, I appreciate that.

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