The Most Amazing Person To Be Is Yourself – Inspirational Quote By Sandra Bellamy Quirky Academy

Best person to be is you

People look externally to get their life to be ‘better’; to have more money, to look a certain way; to get people to believe they are this and that. They often go along with the masses, and react like a chameleon, and lose their sense of self in the process! They end up trying to replicate so many others so often, that they barely recognise themselves and then look for external gratification and reassurance that it is okay to be them (which is actually a made up version of lots of other people) – so who is them? Do they even know? ‘Why are you trying to be someone you are not?’ I think to myself, because when your life has ended, will these superficial people you follow and try to be like even care? Stop wasting your life and start living your own! There is no better person to be than yourself, because nobody does a better job of being you, no one else knows what you like, need, and want, more than you do, so only you have the power to make yourself the happiest being alive, and you don’t need anyone else to do that for you. The best role you can possibly get in your life, is that of being your true authentic self, and all you need is you, to see your life through!

Stay your quirky self my friend, live your life for you and love yourself, every day, just as you are, your whole life through!

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx



6 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Person To Be Is Yourself – Inspirational Quote By Sandra Bellamy Quirky Academy

  1. Hello Sandra, This was a highly inspirational read, loaded with truths and helpful information about living one’s life. Cheers, K


    1. Hi Kevin, sorry for my late reply, I have been spending a lot of time working on the redesign of my site that now has a shop on it. I am really glad you found it an inspirational read, I love helping people so glad you found it helpful.


    1. Hi Ralph, oh wow! This is great minds thinking alike, this was a post I have to confess I prescheduled a while ago, so didn’t copy you, pinky promise! I have been uber busy working on my site redesign for the past 2 weeks – taking far longer that I had hoped for, and had to make sure I had posts ready before I started it. I had speed problems with the site after adding a shop there and so I had to strip all of it out and start over. Now all the images are back though, I am still having some issues with speed, but not as bad as before. I optimised over 60 blog posts in one day a few days ago.

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