Chestnut Birthday

Chestnut has gone with Angel to live at my parents since Angel was diagnosed with diabetes. I miss her mountains, but as I could not inject Angel, I had to let my parents look after them both. Angel cannot be without Chestnut. Angel is also completely blind, but mum said she bunny hops (popcorns in guinea pig terms), on a regular basis! I know they are both well cared for and I still pay for their hay and take it over to them, and their insurance and play tubes, so all is not lost. I just have to move forward with my life and not think about it too much as it can get upsetting for me to be without them suddenly, especially after Chestnut has been living with me since a baby and recently had her 4th birthday – I say recently, but it was the 23rd of April – The day before mine! And yeah, a month ago tomorrow!

I got her a 4th Birthday card and a present. And I took a video of her and me as we enjoyed her birthday together! I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did filming it of my beautiful baby!

Always stay quirky and wheak lots! Ha!

Write soon

Sandra xxxxxxxx


    1. Hi Ralph, thank you, I will let he know on my next visit, which should be Tuesday. Angel is doing well and chasing Chestnut around the cadge and being her usual lesbian frisky self, according to mum!

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      1. Hi Ralph,yeah, but this last week was tough, as on Wed Chestnut had to go to the vets with a lump. She has been diagnosed with a cyst and if it does not go away by itself within 2 weeks to a month max, or it grows bigger, she will need surgery to remove it. but it is a big operation as it is in an awkward place on her back. She had to spend one night away from Angel before the vets, and stay at mind, but surprisingly, she was the one with the problem of being away from Angel, not the other way around and she stopped eating piggie mix for nearly a whole day and water. The next day I told my mum to syringe her with water and that got her drinking again and now she is okay and fine again at the moment. I wish the lump would got away by itself.


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