21 Again! You Get To Choose Yours!

Sandra Bellamy Eurodisney


Well today (24th of April), I get to be 21 again. See I am a huge believer in mindset being the key to success and happiness and that we get to choose:

  • Our mindset age.
  • The way we live our life.
  • Our own happiness.
  • And ultimately everything that comes from us.

For the past few years I have been getting younger in mindset and last year I decided to be 21 in mindset, and had my 21st mindset birthday in Disneyland Paris! I also had a Toy Story decorated room which made me super excited! I miss that place so much and really wished I could be back there again, it was at one with my soul and I felt totally at peace there. Lights, camera, action, noise – that makes me feel peaceful and incredibly happy, I like being different to everyone else and I enjoy noise and that type of environment. Actually it was very peaceful around the lake when walking back to my hotel on site at night. It was fabulous to be out at night and experiencing the reflection of the lights on the water and being able to walk on my own feeling very safe and happy, and that everyone there was singing from the same hymn sheet and just wanted to enjoy life and be happy and experience the magic, beauty, and wonder of it all.

If you missed my video last year of my highlights, here it is again!

For the previous two years prior to the last – so 2015/2016, I was 23 in mindset age, so I skipped a year, or rather I made a conscious decision to be 23 years for 2 years on the trot. I considered being 22 this year, but for now, I am very happy to stick with my 21st mindset that works so well for me. Oh and yes, in case you were wondering, I mostly get attracted to much younger in birth certificate age guys, in their 20s, and as one of my blogging friends Ralph has found a much younger true love and is going to be married soon, there is hope for me to find my asexual true love, but right now I am happy being single and living life to the max, whatever happens! Oh, and I don’t like marriage for me. I really am keen on my single life right now, just I am super romantic – but as I have been on more self-dates lately and got plenty to do, I am happy!

If you missed my video from Disneyland Paris 2014 trip of the elephant in the Rainforest Cafe, here it is again.

It’s the most popular video on my www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel!

Write soon

Sandra xx



10 thoughts on “21 Again! You Get To Choose Yours!

  1. Happy belated birthday! I used to love self dating, wandering around, writing down thoughts that occurred to me in my notebook and doing as I wished. As long as you are happy, then I am happy.


    1. Awwww bless you, that is a really sweet thing to say. Yeah, even though I am redundant and obstacles keep cropping up, such as my guinea pigs now living permanently with my parents (as Angel is diabetic suddenly), and I challenged myself to write a book in a day, but sneezed and cleaned my keyboard and then it stopped working for an hour and a half, and using up all my redundancy money, and housing benefit sent me a bill of money I owed them in March that I have to pay back weekly due to having been put on contribution based JSA, rather than income based, that I finally went on this last week, which is what I applied for in the first place – I am super happy. I wrote that book on Sat 28th of April, for the most part and finished it on Sunday 29th apart from the last bit of formatting and I still need to do a final edit. So I was super impressed with myself, it is a very short niche technical Kindle book and it will be out very soon. And I am finally getting to build my Quirky Academy and already started creating first online course/s. And also going to be a speaker/panelist at the Asexuality UK conference on Sunday July 8th – unpaid. And I just launched my new Quirky Academy channel for entrepreneurs start-ups and creatives. So yeah, living my dreams, but had to cut down on food expenditure a lot. Hopefully money will follow if I keep continuing to work harder and smarter.


  2. I hope you had a great birthday Sandra and enjoyed your day out. For me, the deed is done. Natascha and I are married ! We had a lovely day with her dad. Photos are still in her camera. Ralph 🙂 ❤


    1. Hi Ralph, congratulations to you and Natascha – we will celebrate on the same day each year – yey! What does it eellike to be married to a beautiful woman? Looking forward to seeing the photos. I took some photos of the aquarium and had a fab time there, saw a friend afterwards when I went to eat in Nandos and then saw my parents in the evening and got some lovely gifts. Mum gave me the money to go out and I still have other places to go to continue the celebration but happily doing lots of work today. I am so far behind that I need to super catch up. I finished creating and published a new trailer for my new format Quirky Books TV channel – would love to get your feedback on it https://youtu.be/fddcg2VbZ9c and I created and published my channel trailer on my new Quirky Academy youtube channel https://youtu.be/29oESsC_WT8 My channel for entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Creatives.

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      1. Ooops ! I missed reading this reply of yours Sandra. Natascha is not only beautiful, but we are exactly the same in our thinking and what we like and dislike. Of course there are differences such as when she is feeling hot I feel cold. We both don’t drink, but smoke usually outside on the balcony. We like the same food, aircraft et cetera. We have known each other for well over a year and never had a harsh word, no need !, So it seemed a sensible thing to do to get married.
        I am pleased that you had a great birthday and that your parents were able to help.
        Have a lovely weekend. Ralph 🙂 ❤


      2. Awwww, this is really great to hear. You found your soulmate in each other. Never too late. You are both an inspiration to others. Although I am asexual – I get attracted to younger foreign guys usually – so one day hopefully I will find my soul mate and he will move her to live near me. Ste who has been a blogging friend for years, although we don’t communicate as much as you and I do, I just found out got married and has move countries to be with his beautiful wife. He looks so much younger and happier. Replay pleased for him too. Love these beautiful love stories coming to reality, even if you do have be patient to find your fairy tail ending and future. xxxxxx Give Natascha a big hug from me to say congratulations.

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      3. Yes Sandra, I think it is as you say that Natascha and I are soulmates. It couldn’t be anything else.
        Good luck in finding yours.
        I have passed your message on to Natascha and she sends lots of hugs back. 🙂 ❤


      4. Hi Ralph, I am thrilled for you. I was worried about you at first because I know what you have been through in the past with women not treating you right and was worried you may get hurt again. You have a beautiful heart and are super caring and you tend to trust people like me and are kind to everyone, but now I see how happy you are and that Natascha makes you happy, and seems like a good person for you, who wants a kind, caring guy, and someone who would understand her and care for her, and you have a special connection. I think your lost souls have found one another and I know how that feels to find the one, even though my one is not with me and lost in the abyss somewhere.

        I incidentally ended up in a 4.5 hour message chat with a young Indian asexual guy last night, who was very much my type – he felt the same as me with the attraction and we have a lot of complimentary personality qualities, but I had given up on Indian guys (although he was born in Canada so more used to Western Culture), and there is no point in getting my hopes up as I have been there before, and done with that! He is young and inexperienced in relationships and needs direction, but I don’t want to be the one putting in the work, plus, I am not sure if he could move over here, so I won’t hold my breath as I have been through this type of thing before, and I have my career to think about at the moment and keeping a roof over my head, which is my top priority and I told him that must come first.

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      5. Thank you so much for what you say about Natascha and myself. It is amazing how we met and how it all developed. I think we both knew straight away that we were meant for each other and living together for many months now we’ve made the right decision. We have never clashed on anything. It’s amazing.

        Thanks for telling me about your new friend Sandra. Canada and the UK are very difficult. Natascha has a cat lady friend who lives in the UK and has a
        male friend who lives in Canada and there is no way that they can get together as their lives are tied in their own countries. Anyway, I am sure that something and someone will work out for you my friend 🙂 ❤


      6. Hi Ralph, you are both welcome. I think you should do the love story post – or publish a book on it! Sounds a very beautiful relationship.

        Oh yeah, I don’t think he will contact me again, which is fine with me. I will be better off with a guy in my own country, who is definitely asexual, and probably 24 years or up, who knows what they want and takes action. I just don’t get that much attracted to British guys. I like foreign guys, and there are not many suitable asexual ones in the UK. Anyway, I think I may need to achieve all my career dreams first, which I am working on. Then I should hopefully get better quality asexual guys come my way. Otherwise, I will just sit on my future fortune by myself and feel awesome as a full-time solo artist of life!

        I went to Brean Themepark yesterday, on my own, as the second part of my birthday celebration that I had to postpone due to working on my new Quirky Academy and doing urgent admin, etc. Had to catch 2 trains and a bus each way.Loved every minute of it on my own. I am sully happier without a guy, actually! I am just super romantic and into kissing and feeling loved up 24/7 – I feel loved up on life most of time anyhow!

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