Awesome Quotes About Why It’s Good To Be Single #ICBSD


With International Celebrate Being Single Day #ICBSD, being only 10 days away (14th Feb), it’s time to start celebrating being single with these awesome quotes about why it’s good to be single. I love the last one “I’m single because I was born that way”. So many people push others to believe that by being single there is something wrong with you, which is totally untrue, it means that you are living a life in unity with yourself and that is an amazing feeling and very empowering. It means you are totally and utterly responsible for your own life and that is the true power of yourself, free to live your live and to care for who you want and be who you want to be.

International Celebrate Being Single Day #ICBSD, is a day I founded in 2015 so that no single person has to ever feel alone on Valentine’s Day – Instead they can CELEBRATE it as their special day too – By self-dating, or meeting up with friends. Every year since 2015 I have had a self-date on that day and I love it – makes me feel great. What do you do on a self-date?

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx




4 thoughts on “Awesome Quotes About Why It’s Good To Be Single #ICBSD

    1. Hi K, I am happy because I am not married – thank God! I am also very happy to be single right now especially. I just blocked another horrid ace guy out of my life this past week and I feel such a great sense of relief, especially as his true colours were finally revealed after I had a gut feeling of 20% that he was up to no good, not genuine, and trying to use me!! Now he has his next victim who I told! Good riddance I say. My ace weekend meet was amazing, I met a young foreign ace guy in the UK, we want different things in terms of a relationship, but I think we will be good friends.


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