Merry Christmas! Behind The Scenes Of Sandra’s Grotto!

Writing Christmas post
Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your support, love, care and time in 2017. Lets make 2018 the best year of our lives. Thanks for being on this Quirky Books writing journey with me, I love you so much. I love this blog and I love hearing from you xx

Always keep writing and never give up on your dreams.

In the new year I will have my “How To Manage Fibromyalgia Like A Superhero Rockstar – Fibro Girl To The Rescue” book out. It is about how to manage fibromyalgia to have less pain and more energy. Part autobiographical, it is told from my own experiences, knowledge, and using my Quirky Methods! I hope it helps a ton of people! There is a lot of life skills in it – so even if you don’t have fibro, it will still be a good read. I have some more editing to do before I can publish it, but in essence the meat is done. And next year, I will have my first Quirky Academy course out and that academy will be my main focus for next year!

You may recognise this pic from my last post, as it is the thumbnail for this video. This is the first time I have ever shown a tour of my flat. Happy Christmas!

Much love and light to you. Keep shining and bringing your joy to those who are blessed to know you.

Stay quirky and write soon,

Sandra xxxxxxxx

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Behind The Scenes Of Sandra’s Grotto!

  1. Hello Sandra,

    Here’s wishing you all for 2018 that money cannot buy:

    Health & Happiness

    Love & Joy

    Family & Friends, including pet guinea pigs

    Peace & Hope

    Hoping that all of your dreams come true!!


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    1. Hi K, nice to hear from you, thank you so much for your wonderful wishes, I really appreciate them and will strive for all of those in 2018. Happy 2018 ( I hope your new year has got off to a good start?) – I was away at my parents for over a week for Christmas and New Year and finally after 2 years of my shower needing to be fixed, my Landlord paid for it to be done, and yesterday was the first day I had in my home after the work had been done and I was busy creating content for my asexual groups yesterday. Got so much to do today and soon I will have my Asexual Perspectives book on my own site for those who cannot get it on Kindle, I bought a digital store service for that as I had problems with the last theme.


    1. Happy New year (and a bleated Happy Christmas – or extremely early for this year – ha!). So sorry for the delay in reply, my WordPress App on my phone stopped working and I was away over Christmas and new year at my parents, over a week which was nice as I am currently redundant. It is really lovely to hear from you – how are you ands how was your Christmas?xx

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      1. Hi tinker bell, awww bless, if you have had lots of downs,there must be ups to come!! And lots of them in 2018! I was made redundant from day job in 2018 and other things went wrong, after 2 days, 10 of my sites were hacked and my account was suspended, the asexual boyfriend I had was not nice to me in the end and I had to let him go and my printer stopped working and it took me a month to sort some benefits out – got to make up the rest from redundancy money. My redundancy money is due to be used up by April, so I have turn my life around now xx keep smiling and working your fairy magic xx

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