Thorpe Park MOS Virtual Reality Weekend Away!

Fresh fruit
Fresh Fruit Salad made especially for me by a beautiful Indian guy

F1 Car at DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Woking.

F1 Car At Hilton Woking

Darren Brown Ghost Ride Mug

Derren Brown Ghost Train Mug

Thorpe Park Ghost Train Ride Mug
Derren Brown Thorpe Park Ride Mug.
F1 side view at Hilton Woking Hotel
F1 car side view at DoubleTree Hotel in Woking.

I spent last weekend away at Thorpe Park Ministry Of Sound (MOS) event. Which meant a special deal of a Park Ticket for Saturday with Sunday free, accesss to late night riding on Saturday night, and the Ministry of Sound event also on Saturday night from 11-3am. Plus, a one night stay at the DoubleTree for Hilton Woking Hotel, that has a formula one car and an awesome breakfast with comfortable rooms. All for £110, which was amazing value for money. I also had to pay for some of the car parking at Thorpe Park, that was £7 a day, and give the person I went with £50 in petrol money, and buy food and snacks. I still think it was great value – despite being told I am being made redundant from my day job, only the day before; the day before the trip. Told on a Thursday and trip was on Sat. I was super excited to be going and I went on 3 rides I had never been on before, including Saw, the Swarm, and Derren Brown’s ghost train – which was why I bought the mug and it was a fantastic virtual reality experience.

Sadly, I went with a guy I was dating for almost two whole months, and his behaviour was not that of a loving, caring and attentive individual who was into me, but the opposite. Without going into everthing on here. On Saturday day, I was the one who was mostly instigating the affection. I felt ignored in the club after he initially mentioned about a meeting point if we get split up, as soon as we arrived. So it became obvious from the onset that he was not thinking about dancing together. An hour and a half later of almost being ignored in the club and I spoke to him about it, he said to me he preffered to dance on his own. He treated me like just a mate who he happened to have gone with him, both then, and the day after in the park. But my friends treat me better, because they care about me, love me, want to talk to me, and hug me just as a friend. Something happened after the club that was potentially dangerous for me too (not anything sexual – he was respectful of my asexuality and boundaries), and he told me on Saturday day not to trust him. So I broke off seeing him completely the day we got back to Exeter. I realised there were no advantages or benefits to me seeing this guy at all. Yes, I cared for him deeply, but it would seem that in the end, it was a one way street, and I would have had a better time on my own or with a friend who would appreciate me and love spending time specifically with me. So yes, I am still a bit sad but I am also glad to have got away from a situation and person who is blatantly no good for me. He, on the other hand, probably does not care. But I am a caring person and can see some good in almost anyone, but thank goodness I have seen the light.

Always remember how precious you are and so is your life and time. Remember that I love you xx

As always, write soon and stay quirky.

Sandra xx

10 thoughts on “Thorpe Park MOS Virtual Reality Weekend Away!

  1. It’s good to be compassionate and kind, certainly, but an uncluttered life and getting your mind good again is something to be aimed at. Best of luck.

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    1. Hi David. Thank you. I am getting my mind focused on all of my business stuff again, blogging, youtubing, and my e-book store is next on my list to get fully up and running. I am losing my day job to redundancy again soon, so that part of life is also uncertain, but I have started to read parts of my own Break Through The Barriers of Redundancy book and that has helped with job applications.


      1. Often the loss of a job, though troublesome at first is the best thing to happen to a person and leads to a better job and that job leads in time to an even better one, and on you go, I’ve seen that happen time and again.

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      2. Hi David, thank you. I do believe everthing happens for a reason, so look forward to what destiny has on store for me. It must mean I am due some money and need a kick up the career bum.


    1. Hi David, thank you. That means a lot. It was a very difficult situation for me in terms of not being treated how I should be and the upset of that person not really caring about me and other things that happened with him . I have not had a self-date for a while, so tomorrow morning I will start with a trip to the cinema.


      1. Hi David, I wasn’t thinking I regretted being with him, although I probably should not have bothered to see him after the first date and try to help him. He has a lot of problems and issues, and I feel sorry for him losing me as no one besides him family will care about him in the way I did and be so good for him. And I get upset about the loss for myself. But I think I should not be focusing on feeling sorry for him, but just focus on me and getting my mind good again. And be happy that I gave someone up that was no good for me


  2. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your day job. You must have been doing that job for years and must have been quite a blow. I am also sorry that that relationship did not work out Sandra.. One day the right partner will come along. Well, if it happened to me it can happen to anyone.
    Take care my friend. Ralph ❤

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    1. Hi Ralph, yeah, 5 years this October, I have been in my job. So it is really sad, every day that I go into work, until I am made redundant, because I like my job. Yeah, the guy I was dating ended up being no good for me. Too right. I am just so happy for you, that you are starting a new life, making a fresh starts, with an absolute beauty xx

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