On Monday 31st of July, I had an Asexual Author interview with Graham Torrington. I got told my interview was “outstanding”, please check it out It is only on iPlayer for 30 days. 22 days to go!!!

Write soon and stay quirky.

Sandra xx

P.S. What do you think of my new Quirky Books blog header?



      1. You are welcome Sandra.
        Natascha is in Austria and I am in Spain, so she is well as can be expected. lol. Oh boy ! I should be moving to Austria in about six weeks time. Can’t wait !
        So how are you my friend ?
        Hugs. Ralph xx

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      2. Wow! Go Ralph!!! This is amazing for you. You can get away from those horrid neighbours too – double bonus. I have started to officially date a heterosexual guy – he knows I am asexual, and so far so good.

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      3. Wow ! Go Sandra !!! That is great news ! I am so pleased for you my friend and I do hope that your new love works out for you.

        Yes, that is a bonus,, getting away from my new neighbours. I have a lawyer who is going to act for me for the sale of my apartment so I don’t need to come back to Spain to sign on completion. My cats were microchipped and had rabies shots last night, just another shot for them in a few days. Hopefully in three weeks they will be off to Austria followed shortly by the contents of my apartment and then me. But this is Spain and things can get dragged out somewhat. I hope not as Natascha and I want to be together in Austria as quickly as possible. 🙂 ❤

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      4. Oh wow! This is amazing for you. Love is so short and when you find the one you just have to take a calculated leap of faith. I think it will be amazing for you both and I am so pleased for you. I am not sure how you two met?

        I hope this guy works out. It is different with him in many ways to what I have had before so I hope it turns into something long lasting. I still love myself if it doesn’t, but I hopeful and confident that it will be great. It will need work from both of us but if we both work at it, then I think it will be super magical and special – always xx

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