This awesome Asexual Perspectives Unboxing video is from an avid Asexualise fan. I could feel his excitement come through the screen. Watch it and see what you think!!

I feel so very blessed to have interviewed 46 Asexuals around the globe for this 560 page book – it is a very different Asexual book!!! And it feels wonderful as an author, to know that my book is making a difference to other’s lives, this is why my number one passion is writing – the ability to literally change lives through the written word, just cannot be beat. And when it is teamed with my other passion, asexuality, it feels like I am floating on a bed of aceness!! Thanks for all your support, stay quirky and write soon xx Get the book here And it is on Amazon Expanded Distribution so you can request it in book stores!!


    1. Awww, UTE, what a beautiful and delightful message. Thank you, I really appreciate that xx It makes me feel so blessed, and especially the recognition of my hard work – I do work tirelessly, and I help a lot of asexuals in private messages for a lot of hours – some are up to an hour and a half, of free advice about their orientation. I never knew I was going to be doing this Asexual work, but I feel it is a must for me. I also finally have my ebook store coming soon, will be sorting and setting that up to go live with my books on it – as Kindle books are not available in about 20 countries or more and I did not know that!! And I want my fans and followers to be able to buy my books digitally, wherever they are. It also means that I need to write more books. I also plan to set my Quirky Academy online training centre up, after September this year. This book promotion month is my priority now and I really feel like this Asexual Perspectives book, is one that will go down in history as being this amazing piece of literacy art. As I am now my own publishing company, I have to by law, pay for the British Library to have a copy of my book, to become part of English heritage, forever. This means, this book will be invaluable for years to come, long after I am gone and people will use it for their research. I think this is what I live for. To leave my legacy.

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