Happy 3rd Birthday Chestnut Guinea Pig Daughter!!

Chestnut – with her Christmas card! 3 today. My mum has her birthday card to give to her today!!

It is Chestnut’s 3rd birthday today, and I am currently away in EuroDisney for my 21st Mindset Birthday (my actual DOB is tomorrow!!). I am away from 22nd-28th of April. I left from London this morning by EuroStar after seeing some friends in London yesterday. 5 days and 4 nights in the park, that means, tomorrow will be my actual first full day in the park, for my birthday, I cannot wait!! I feel a bit guilty for not seeing Chestnut on her 3rd birthday, but she is in good hands with my mum and dad, and has a card and presents from me, plus balloons and a banner, and a Happy Birthday paper plate!! So happy birthday to my darling Chestnut guinea pig daughter, love you bundles and will do forever more!! xxxxxxxx

Chestnut 3 years today, (brown), with her companion baby Angel – who is not a year old yet!

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