Out Of The Shadows! Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

I am currently off sick from my day job, but creating stuff is very therapeutic for me, so this is why I created this “Out Of The Shadows, Inspirational/Motivational Poem” for you. I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think? Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already, and thanks for your continued support xx

As always, stay quirky xx

Sandra xx

11 thoughts on “Out Of The Shadows! Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely inspiring poetry and recitation. I was very moved and was inspired to reflect on my real self and my shadow self, hoping as you say to come out into the light. Thank you Sandra. Good job!!!

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    1. Hi David, oh thank you for that wonderful feedback. Very encouraging. I learnt a bit about real self and shadow self with Entrepreneur Andy Harrington. It is my own poem that I ceated in that moment. I have always liked to write poems in the past, but I am not so formulaic, so that put me off from continuing with it, but people seem to like this type of thing and I enjoy doing them. It helps me to use all of my skills, while giving a positive/inspiring message, or something to reflect upon.


    1. Hi Ralph, thanks so much. I am still signed off sick for this second week until next Tues. Seeing the doctor again that day as she wants to check how I am, but, it is likely I will have to go back to work on Wednesday next week. Fortunately, I am on holiday for the trip of a lifetime for my birthday, from 22nd of April. London and EuroDisney. So that break will be amazing and well needed xx

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      1. Well you have a few days to relax. I do hope that returning to work will be a lot easier for you next week. And, wow, that trip to Paris should be fun. I hope the weather is good for you Sandra. xx

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