5.0 out of 5 stars A truly remarkable book that is life changing and makes you think as if your life depended on it!! Profoundly moving and deep., 20 March 2017
B Banu Book Review
Interpreter Of Dreams Book Review
This review is from: INTERPRETER OF DREAMS (Paperback)

I found this book profoundly moving and deep. It’s a miracle in and of itself. It had a profound impact on me. Often echoing my own thoughts and words, that are word for word the same. It’s although the author has written it especially for me, without consciously knowing it, and with a clear message to follow my dreams, even down to the minute detail of pursuing love and a future relationship with my asexual Indian soulmate, whom I have never yet met, but whom I feel I am getting closer to, every single day of my life. I intuitively feel him and have known I have a soulmate from the age of 10, maybe I knew him in a past life or maybe only this, but it gives me hope that he may be looking for me also.

I also have many career goals and aspirations like the girl in this book, and I suffer from some of the same anxieties and disturbances. It’s like the chopping and changing of her mind, that changes her thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, are similar to my own mind, and with similar consequences, so I really related to her. Although she is physically braver than me. This book is even told in a very unconventional and quirky style – just like my personality is quirky and unconventional. This book makes use of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person viewpoints, and slides in and out of each to change the pace and action. This book has so much truth, wisdom and knowledge in it, that is a credit to the author, who has learnt all of this stuff and interpreted it into a wonderful parable, with so much meaning, thought and emotion.

As a published author of non-fiction books, I tend to read what I like to write, and often fiction does not appeal to me and as such, I do not usually take much value from it, but as this book is a parable, that resonated so much with me, I got tons of value from it. It made me think so much about myself and my life, and I love that!

As a fellow writer, I believe, if just one book I write changes one person’s life in such a significant and powerful way, that it may change it for the better, forever, then my life has been worth living even more and my time has been well spent. Thanks Banu for creating this profound, moving and touching book, that has reached parts of my soul that I did not know was possible to reach. I love this book xx

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  1. Your writing is just so fine, ideas coming out of you with such apparent ease. I feel the same when someone tells me my books have changed their life. That’s quite a lovely achievement, isn’t it?

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    1. Hi David, yeah, it is wonderful. I think changing people’s live through the written word is an amazing thing to do, it does feel great. In what ways have your books changed people’s lives the most? And what is your latest writing project that you are working on?


      1. Hi Sandra. Thanks for asking how my writing has changed lives. Let me give you a few examples. In my book Fighting to Win, I provide strategies for overcoming psychological and spiritual obstacles. As a little child, a woman reader was terrified by a man who tried to climb into her bedroom window and abduct her. All her life afterwards she was afraid to fall asleep and to turn off the lights. Her life was misery. She read the book at the age of 35, and from reading it was able to overcome her fear and finally to sleep, finally feeling safe. A successful opera singer suddenly developed a fear of performing and stopped singing. She read the book, and from it was able to go back onstage and perform once again.

        I’m finishing up a self-improvement book for writers that emphasizes what I call inner skills. Also, I’m going back to writing short stories. I hope you’ll visit my blog which is written for writers and artists and deals principally with those inner skills.

        I always enjoy reading your blog.

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      2. Hi David, thank you. This sounds incredibly amazing work that you are doing and you have many gifts. What inspired you to write “Fighting to Win?” I am still off from my day job sick and the moment, but started to work on my Quirky Academy site. It’s a new education site for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Creatives, with quirky (being different) at it’s heart. I will be looking for new trainers on a commission spilt basis in the coming months, let me know if that is something that would interest you? My Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Redundancy book covers inner skills as well as outer ones, so I wonder if there will be common ground there. I am sure your book will be a big hit.


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