I am in Bristol later today to celebrate – going to the zoo and for a meal and to the cinema.

Lots of love and hugs, stay quirky xx


    1. Hi Ralph, I had an amazing time thank you. Spend a ton of money that I did not really have but had an absolute blast! Went to the zoo and for about 3 meals! And saw Sing and the Lego Batman movie – so awesome!! Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day to you – belated. You are the first guy to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day – so thank you xx The only other person was one of my best female friends – for friendship purposes. What did you do to celebrate? xx Hug

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      1. Hello Sandra 🙂
        I am so, so pleased that you had a lovely day. Hey, it’s only money ! What’s important is that you made the most of it. Glad you had a great time.
        For myself, I hardly go out alone as my hands make it difficult for me to do anything of any sense on my own. On saying that I have treated myself to a new smart TV, a new printer and a new camera. I thought I might as well as I was struggling with all the old ones. My laptop is new, so all is well. Valentine’s Day for me was actually a lot of fun as I published a Valentine post and had a lot of fun answering comments.
        Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xxx

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      2. Hi Ralph, I need to catch up with that post! In the middle of re-doing the index for my Twitter book that I have revised and updated for 2017. A triple self-love whammy of presents, this is awesome and so needed, I am sure. I have a commercial printer and it has been out of action for 3 weeks (it costs £160 for a callout!! Which I could not afford) – and also, the printer was not the problem – it was communicating with my Mac that was the problem and thankfully a tech guy did not give up on me and finally, a few days ago, my printer finally came alive – all with the flick of a drop down menu selection!! What did you think of my new video? Most quotes videos are 2-3 minutes long so not sure if I need to make it longer next time?

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      3. I am so sorry to read about your very expensive yet simple fix of your printer. What a pain ! At least you are up and running now.
        My new Soni camera refused to copy/paste photos into a new file in Pictures in Windows 10. On reading the instructions I had to download a special app from their website, most of which was asking me to buy loads of different gizmos. Those links I deleted and my camera/laptop does what it should do now.
        AND my printer as a Wi-Fi connection to my laptop. It looked rather complicated to set up so I am using the USB cable provided. Much simpler !
        I do enjoy watching you talking on your videos. You are a natural Sandra.
        Happy Sunday 🙂 ❤

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      4. Oh, that is really nice Ralph. Thank you. I will talk some more on my other two channels – although I think videos with my guinea pigs i them seem to be more popular than just me. I have applied to be a TedXBristol Speaker about Asexuality and got through to the proposal and pitch stage and won’t know until about April – if I have mede it through. The event is in the first week of November – if I get through, I will be speaking on stage in front of about 1800 or more – their last event was sold out for that many seats and I think 2000 attend in the end, and it will be on YouTUbe and have millions of viewers. I think I am born to speak on stage – but want to do so in the UK as I have no desire to travel abroad and I hate flying on a plane – petrified is the word! So your words about me being a natural are really special to me.

        I didn’t actually pay out £160 – I would have had to do if it was never fixed, but the printer was not the actual problem and a tech guy persisted by email even when his boss said they should be called out – thank God for that tech guy!!

        My Dad had a problem with his Sony camcorder and Windows 10 – I use a Mac. xx

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