Angel Guinea Pig Sends February Love – Angel Poem – Once There Was A Little Furry Kid!

Angel Guinea Pig makes her YouTube debut. This is her very first video on YouTube. Angel wishes you lots of love this February. Once There Was A Little Furry Kid Poem.

Hope you love to see her as much as I do xx

6 thoughts on “Angel Guinea Pig Sends February Love – Angel Poem – Once There Was A Little Furry Kid!

  1. So sweet, sadly I think my older piggie is on his way out, he is almost 6 and even though he is eating as much as ever he is now losing weight, he is still however as feisty as ever and not in any discomfort just sadly old age is the one thing for which there is no cure.

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    1. Hi Paula, this is really sad to hear – some piggies can live to be 8 or more as I know from past experience. My mum insists Perky was 12 years old . I would definitely take him to the vets because if he is eating as much as ever, he should not be losing weight and it is a strong indicator that something else is wrong – other than old age. Please take him to eliminate anything else. Love and hugs xx.


      1. We have and sadly it is just old age, the vet says it is actually really common for guinea pigs to lose lots of weight as seniors but it could be exaggerated with him because he is neutered he is still as lively as ever, have had one live till 10 but generally he is around the top average age range now so any extra time is a bonus xxx

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      2. Awww Paula – that is so sad – huge hugs for you. I am sure with your love and care he will hang on for as long as possible. My Chestnut is 3 this year and Angel is still an baby – but she is already nearly larger is size than Chestnut and she was supposed to be smaller than her breed!! She is feisty! Love it – like piggie, like mum, – actually, I am the tame one at the side of her – and I am a piggie slave. She stands on her platform and squeaks for food whenever she is not happy with what she she has or if she wants more!!


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