In this video I explain how to start writing a book using my creative writing explosion technique, that is about ad-libbing and creating free-flowing stories on the hop. Try it out and leave your comments below – don’t forget to subscribe!

Happy Quirky Christmas xx

Thanks for sticking with me of another awesome quirky year – there are many more to come!!

Love you dearly xx you are among my bestest friends in the world xx


    1. Hi Ralph – Thank you so much, that is an honour for me. I made it completely up off the cuff using my inner creative writing explosion technique – I love doing that! Happy Christmas xx Love and hugs xx Has snail mail arrived yet?

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      1. Hello Sandra 🤗 Well done. You must try more of that poetry as you seem to have a gift for it. 💝
        Thank you and I do hope that you have a lovely Christmas my friend.
        No, there has been nothing from the UK for weeks, Ute sent me a card but that hasn’t arrived either. I did receive an electricity bill, did you send that ? lol
        Love and hugs back. 🙂 ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, Happy Christmas and Happy Boxing Day my friend. Thanks for saying I have a gift for poetry. I have always loved creating poems since being small. And I have written two rhyming picture books that have yet to be published. I always got worried that my written poems are not totally correct how poems should be written and so I don’t usually write them on my blog or say them. But if you think I should try to say some more on my videos then maybe I will do that.

        Which video types of mine do you like the most?

        I didn’t send the bill – no! Ho! Ho! Ho! I couldn’t fit down the chimney – ha!

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      3. Hello Sandra 🙂
        I do hope that you had a lovely Christmas day and are having a wonderful break on Boxing Day today. The Spanish don’t have such a thing as Boxing Day so it is a normal day for them. My neighbour even came up and cleaned my apartment this morning. It looks like new.
        Yes, you should really publish your poetry even if it is just on your blog. I am amazed that you have time to do anything on top of everything that you are into at the moment.
        What type of video do I like ? Coming out of the bathroom works for me. lol. Seriously, I don’t mind so long as you are happy with the result.
        I did receive a letter from Israel which only took a couple of days, but still nothing from the UK. I think the next delivery to my house will be after the three Kings on 6 January. Maybe what you have sent will arrive for my next birthday in December 2017 🙂
        Have a lovely day. Hugs ❤

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      4. Hi Ralph, I am having a lovely Christmas Ralph, thank you very much. I got Batman Vs Superman movie, 3 disc edition of Captain America – all 3 films, including Captain Vs Iron Man one, XMen last movie on cinema – two CDs, teddy bear and bear calander, pyjamas, hair dryer, scales, picture with my friend, diaries, sugar free chocolates, purse. And I phoned 3 friends last night. All good x

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      5. Wow ! What a lot of presents ! I see you even have a cuddly toy Sandra. Yes, all good for you my friend !
        I have just received Ute’s birthday present in the post today, so whatever you have sent should be close to arriving … possibly… maybe … perhaps 🙂 ❤

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