What Can You Do First?

Angel after being dried from her first bath!
Angel has just had a bath for the first time and is now dry!

Doing anything for the first time can be scary but as I reflect back on this year to date, I have done a lot of firsts and will do more next year.

Angel had her first bath a couple of weeks ago and the bathing went surprisingly well – the hair drying took a lot longer and she decided to repeatedly try to climb under or over my arm at lightening speed. It must have taken twice as long as it should but because she is so gorgeous and so funny, it didn’t really matter because I love her so much. It will be her first Christmas soon, baby’s first Christmas is always good and a memorable one!!

So my firsts for this year:

  • I succeeded in learning how to use Photoshop so now I create all of my own T-Shirt designs and do the artwork for them.
  • I got tiered up to the next quantity of T-Shirt designs so I can sell more at one time on Amazon.com
  • I wrote and published my ‘How To Get Started With Twitter, Get Going and Get Growing A Step By Step Guide” book.
  • My Asexualise My Asexual Life YouTube channel has grown to over 150 subscribers.
  • I interviewed over 40 asexuals for my Asexual Perspectives, Love Life And Sex, ACElebration Of Asexual Diversity book and I am trying hard to get the Kindle version published before Christmas.
  • I completed a Marketing course (still got to action all the modules now though).
  • I learnt how to use IMovie and can now create my own videos.
  • I did an’ Inspire With Video Materclass’, so I can create my own inspirational videos.
  • I completed a “Your Next Bold Move” course at the beginning of this year and it helped me to plan and be more productive for the rest of the year.

What first have you had this year (2016) and what firsts are coming for you next year?

Stay quirky


27 thoughts on “What Can You Do First?

      1. Oh I like Wetherspoons and hold asexual meet-ups in one. The meal deals are great value, there is food and drink to suit all tastes and a great atmosphere. You will be running around like a mad one but never get bored so it should be fun for you. How is the writing going?

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      2. Yes it should be a busy job and something I haven’t done so need to learn fast. I haven’t written much recently ut now I am sorting out where everything is, I will be working through the backlog of drafts to get some decent content out…or at least content haha!

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      3. It’s permanent. Otherwise I would have commuted back to Mansfield until I found something that was can’t afford to be jobless with rent and all but it fell just right, although I did have to do an interview between night shifts so had little sleep for a day.

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      4. When you say night shifts – are you currently working night at another job?

        I know what you mean about rent – I would love to be a full-time writer as I am at total peace with my soul when doing this – but it is not going to happen anytime soon.


      5. I have just finished a night job so flipping my bodyclock around for days, well still ending at around midnight but that is better than doing an 8pm til 5am shift. Ah! to write and be paid well, it sounds like bliss!

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      6. Hi Ste – that is mad shift – no wonder you want to change jobs! I can’t imagine what you would be doing that long shift in the night for – a driving job or stocking up? How long have you been doing that for?

        I only like working nights for myself – with my writing. I write best and am at my most creative late at night. My ideal time to sleep is 4am-midday and start work again around 6pm but 11pm is when I really start to focus – less distractions!! I try to do this when I says off an holiday but then my body clock gets used to it and this morning I went to bed just before 5am and had to get up for my day job at 7.30am!!

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      7. Wow, those are some quirky hours. I was stocking up in my other job and this one will be a 1am finish latest so another fifteen minutes to walk home and I am sorted for bed. I start in less than two hours now.

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      1. Actually I have nothing planned for tomorrow, but my local friends have arranged a car to pick me up at 1:30 PM tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t a clue what they have planned. Oh boy ! ❤

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      2. Hi Sandra. My birthday day is over and, boy, am I got a a lot of catching up to do on my laptop. Over 30 comments and the hundred plus emails, but I will be looking at your post and video by the weekend. Have a lovely day. ❤

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