Celebrating 6 Years Blogging Anniversary With Quirky Books

6 Years Blogging Anniversary With Quirky Books
6 Years Blogging Anniversary With Quirky Books

Wow! 6 years to this day I started Blogging on this blog – Quirky Books. This photo is actually taken from a video I did recently for my other channel.

Sandra Bellamy
Sandra Bellamy

Thank you for all your support; love, kindness, and friendship you have shown me. This blog is one of the very best things I ever started in my life, it helped me changed my life to be much more positive, and helped in my recovery from depression that I had for years prior to 2012, and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. I love you to bits xx

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

I want you to be one of the first to know – that I am changing my QuirkyAcademy.com into an online training centre for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Creatives. So if you are interested in any of those areas, and as creative writers I expect you are – then watch out in the next few months for courses to empower and accelerate your learning in all aspects of these areas.

Keep writing, keep being quirky, and keep being you xx

Sandra xx

31 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 Years Blogging Anniversary With Quirky Books

  1. Happy 6 Sandra !
    Hopefully I will be back to normal in a few days. My laptop couldn’t be repaired so I have ordered a new one which should be here by next weekend. I’ll be so pleased to be able to put this psycho tablet back into its box. lol.
    Happy Sunday ! 🙂 ❤

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      1. lol. Pecking at this tablet keyboard would take me 100 years to write a book. Mind you, the tablet is now behaving itself after I was forced to Factory Reset when gmail totally stopped.
        You are welcome Sandra. I have enjoyed being on your journey. Lots of XXX back 🙂 ❤

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      2. You have definitely caught my bug. 11pm is when I start waking up or to tonight is was just as I was falling asleep at around 1am – now it is 3.35am and I will need to force myself to sleep in a few mins. xx It will keep you younger.

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      3. I haven’t finished Christmas Shopping yet, but i started it in August and well on my way to finishing it soon. I had 8 hours sleep last night too. I am working 8 days in a row in my day job at the moment so no lie in for me and I had a thumping headache last night because I was tired from having about 3.24 hours sleep the night before – well, that same day I should say!

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      4. Do you really start your Christmas shopping in August ? That would send me scatty !
        I am sorry to read about your headache Sandra, but at least you are getting plenty of hours sleep nowadays. Ha ! Last night I wanted to shut down my new laptop early after hours of setting it up and persuading Microsoft that I do exist by inserting a seven digit code which they sent to me by email into their Windows 10 verify page and it kept coming up – wrong code. I tried it again and they sent me a code which worked. So, I shut down early, or so I thought. My laptop shutdown with an update. One hour of the English updates and three hours of Spanish updates. Oh boy ! I eventually got to bed at 5 AM this morning with a completely new Windows 10 display. I’ve got a headache ! lol ❤

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      5. Ralph – You are getting later than me to bed, what’s going on!! I feel like I should pass you the button or trophy – ha! I have a Mac – far less hassle than a PC. I have Word For Mac for my ebooks. Glad you have a PC now – well done you xx I am behind with my Asexual Perspectives book so am off next week to work hard on getting it finished for published – I have not even finished it in draft form yet! I will get there though. Yes. I started in August – almost finished. Got to get my Dad’s main present and my friend’s presents and then pretty much done. xx

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      6. Hi Ralph, yeah, it is good for me to by ready present wise – that’s a relief and I cannot wait to work more on my book – but before that – it’s black Friday and the launch of something special!


      7. Oh yeah – I didn’t actually think I could see if they have a deal on my dad’s main present – didn’t think of that. My launch will be in conjunction with this blog – I am expanding shall we say.

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