I Am Sharing My Angel With You!

Angel Bellamy
Angel and Chestnut in empty laundry basket
Angel and Chestnut in an empty laundry basket while being cleaned out so there is no chance Angel can jump out like she used to try to do all the time with the smaller pink box
Chestnut and Angel
Chestnut and Angel

Baby Angel is growing and starting to get a little tamer, but she has the most loudest and well used squeak you have ever heard! She eats more than Chestnut who is two and a half years and happy to have a companion.

12 thoughts on “I Am Sharing My Angel With You!

  1. Hi Sandra 🙂
    Angel is growing, isn’t she ?
    I’m having to cut back on blogging for a few weeks as my laptop is being repaired and meanwhile I’m pecking at a tablet to comment. Oh boy ! No fun.
    Take care my friend ❤

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    1. Hi Ralph, nice to hear from you. She is growing but still taking a whole to take. She eats more than Chestnut and is very vocal. I have been having unforseen cicumstance issues that were/are urgent or highly important. I saw the physiotherapist dor my neck yesterday and spent over 20p minutes talking to Apple Care about some Mac peoblems. Tonight’s is my Twitter accounts have been hacked by the look of it problem – and when I go to change the password of some of them, it is not retaining it on my Mac and it is not sending an email to the address for one of my accounts to reset it. I think this is such a waste of life but I need it sorting. X

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      1. It’s nice to talk to you too Sandra. I am so pleased to read about Angel growing up, but am worried about your neck. I’ll kiss it better 🙂
        I’m sorry to read about your Mac and Twitter woes. I hope you have them fixed by now.
        Good night my friend. ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, after the physio made my neck worse, I spoke to him and agreed to exrcise it less and go back to what I was doing before with essentially just my morning routine and I have more movement in my neck today. I have a start-up T Shirt business with Amazon.com and had my best week and can now have 75 more designs added – I have a special announcement to make soon about that regarding the primary content of this blog. So very excited – and this type of non-sexual excitement – always eases the pain.

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      3. I’m pleased that neck is being exercised less. I hope bending it while working those many hours on your Mac is not the cause. Get well soon my friend.

        How exciting for you Sandra ! Good luck with another of your new ventures.

        It’s bucketing it down here. First time in months ! 🙂

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      4. Ha! As all my business stuff is currently online – then unless the meltdown was temporary – that would be a problem for me. But I would not stop writing; I can’t. It is part of my soul.

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