You Are My Angel!

Sandra and Angel Selfie
Sandra and new baby daughter furry kid Angel – Selfie!
Sandra's mum holding Angel
Sandra’s mum holding new arrival Angel
Sandra's Dad holding Angel.
Sandra’s Dad holding baby Angel
Sandra holding Angel for first time - still visibly upset after Snow!
Sandra holding Angel for the first time – looking upset around her eyes after the loss of Snow
Angel and Chestnut
Angel with Chestnut
Angel clinging to Chestnut
Angel clinging on to Chestnut
Angel squishing Chestnut a bit
Chestnut is a bit squished by Angel

So you have now met my Angel when she was 7 weeks old on 5th of August. She was part of a small little but her mother and father seemed normal size and her brother was a bit bigger – I saw them all! She is used to being outdoors so not used to living in and been trying to escape her waiting-to-be-cleaned-out box!

Yesterday, Angel and Chestnut were examined by the vet – teeth, tummy, heart and weight, are all good, and no sign of any mites after Chestnut finishing her treatment, so both of them can now live togther. – And I can breathe a sigh of relief that finally I have two healthy piggies right now! And I only have one cage to clean out again! Yipee! 

Once my own health has improved more, then I will be flying. I have neck pain and numbness in my hands today along with ear pain and feeling a bit outof it/dizzy, but it may be from lifting the top half of the cage and twisting it around to fix the platform with one of it’s stoppers that had come out. Although the hand numbness I have had on and off over the last couple of months, with some dizziness and lack of energy – not like me!

I have some exciting news! Tomorrow I am going to be featured on a USA Expert Business podcast called New Inceptions. It is a full-length interview that will be on ITunes and not to be missed! Watch this space tomorrow!

Stay Quirky and Write soon


Fogot to mention that Angel does like the Celine Dion song – You are my Angel!

4 thoughts on “You Are My Angel!

  1. Hello Sandra 🙂
    I am so pleased that you have posted pictures of Angel. She is so small and I love the ones of her clinging to Chestnut. It is such a shame that out of the three of you that you are the only dizzy one 😉 I do hope that it is nothing too serious and that you get well soon my friend. ❤

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    1. Ha! Thanks Ralph. My neck is better than it was – I had a muscle problem and possibly nerve problem – my doctor suggested physio and so even though my neck is much better, I want to still go to establish if the numbness in my hands off and on, is from my neck! 10th of October is my appointment – good job I helped myself before then! I just posted my Embrace Your Quirky podcast interview – I think you will love it! Just gone 2am here!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It could be your neck Sandra, but more than likely it could be RSI, too much tapping away on your keyboard until 2 AM.
        That’s a long wait, October, isn’t it ?

        Liked by 1 person

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