Snow is dead!

I left work early to take Snow to the vets as she was rapidly losing weight and could not eat much because she was having trouble eating. She had surgery to both her top and bottom teeth the Monday before this week. Her tongue was not attached to her cheeks after all but trapped by her teeth – it’s called Tongue Entrapment and she was mis-diagnosed by that vet. 

Yesterday the vet checked her teeth that had already grown in the space of about a week and a half but were not a problem. However, when he felt her jaw he found a huge lump and had to operate there and then, while the waiting room was full of people waiting to have their pets seen.I was called in to have a look and warned I hope you are not sqeemish. She lay under anesthetic with the lump cut open and puss was still coming out from this huge absess that went all the way up to the middle of her ear. He said her chances are slim and advised me to end her life, he said that if she survived the operation she is likely to be back here again with the same problem a week and a half later. Taking everything into account in the heat of this moment and trying to think straight after 3 times of the vet asking me, I said just do it. I was hysterically crying and saying over and over again that I am so sorry I could not save my Snow and this is the worse decision I have ever had to make in my life and have never made it before; it is a decision I did not want to ever have to make in my life. One of my friends messaged me later to say I knew in my heart it was right for Snow but it was not in my heart, it was in my mind and a logical decision, my heart will never want to let her go, a slim chance is a slim chance, but to have to go back there again soon and prolong her agony of finding it hard to eat and with the fact her teeth had already started to grow from being cut shorter than usual and the fact she had been reduced to a very thin and bony frame and needed her painkiller to eat, I thought it was the best thing to do. She took a while to go, he gave her the injection and I phoned my mum to pick her body up and the vet tested her heart and it was still faintly beating so I put the phone towards Snow and told my mum to say goodbye to Snow. She said goodbye Snow Snow, I had been stroking her nose while she dies. She was a fighter and strong inside and when her heart was still beating I thought two things; one, she does not want to die and two, she wants to have my mum said goodbye to her because they were so close. 

By the time I want to bed it was 6am this morning from crying and chatting and messaging with friends – thank God for awesome friends – and late to bed from hosing down all the cage and everything. I am off work today and now have to pay the vet bill!

Chestnut is eating but seems bored and not her usual active self, and today I had to make another tough decision – but also a no brainer – Do I get another companion for her and risk getting another piggie with problems or do I let her just be alone and eating but bored? Every piggie I have had since leaving my parent’s home years ago, has had a medical problem. It costs a lot of money, although I have insurance nowadays but it does not cover everything! My question to myself was am I meant to keep having piggies or give up getting anymore because I am not meant to have them? Or is fate saying this piggie is meant to go to Sandra because she is one of the few people in life that will fight to the bitter end for the life of her piggie and if you are going to have a problem you need to have her for your mum; otherwise you do not stand a chance of living longer? 

I cannot give Chestnut to anyone else because I will never give her up to another in this way. I do not want her to be lonely so as my intuition told me, go on Gumtree and you will find a piggie that is the one girl waiting for you. I went on there and typed in the search ‘guinea pigs in Exeter. What should come up but the top post with a litter of 5, posted yesterday. And the litter is one of my favourite varieties – teddies. They look gorgeous. I ummed and ahhh and messaged it over with a friend but before that I had already typed the owner’s number in my phone. I had a feeling they would be going as we speak! When I had finished talking to my friend and made a decision to go for it; if there was a girl left it was meant to be that I get it. Guess what? Two had just gone and there was one boy and girl left. I was a bit tearful but explained why and said I will have her. Everything happens for a reason however s-t it may seem at the time. So as one very sad part in my life is currently still hurting another bundle of joy has found it’s way to a good mum who will fight to the bitter death for her piggies she loves so very much. 

Goodbye my Snow you have been the one for me and mummy will always love her precious Snow Queen for eternity! XxxxXxxx♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I feel so very sad and crying right now. My new little Angel will save me but never replace my Snow. Me and Snow to the end! And forever more. I love you so much my beautiful Snow Queen and will never ever forget you. ‘I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul’ is what I said in front of the vet as I made that difficult decision and another vet comforted me from both my very verbally loud outer pain and inner pain!

Stay true to your heart always while struggling with logical and very painful decisions.

Love and hugs my friends thanks for being here for me, I will always blog here, it is part of my life and soul and I love you all so very much.

Love Sandra

Stay Quirky and write soon xxxxxxxx

18 thoughts on “Snow is dead!

  1. I am so sorry about your Snow piggy. I had a white rabbit named Snowy years ago who developed a goiter under his chin and the vet said it was cancer so I had him put down also because he couldn’t really eat anymore. It is sad to let them go. They really do become our companions. Your other piggy may get lonely; I would get another one, too. Sometimes pets just have problems; it’s really out of our control. I hope you find a healthy one that will live for many years!

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    1. Hi Patsy, thank you so much for your kind words and reassurance. Sorry to hear about your rabbit xx I have got another companion for Chestnut who is now just over 8 weeks old, called Angel, I will post pics soon, but because Chestnut still has to finish her mite treatment, I had to separate them as the little one started scratching and she is too young for meds. Xx


      1. Thanks. They were introduced and just statting to bond when I had to separate them because Chestnut still has mites after a month of treatment and I thought she would be better but still not and the little one started to scratch and bite herself and is too young to be treated. Chestnut has one more treatment and then will be back at the vets.

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    1. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind words. This was the toughest loss in terms of I had to make the toughest decision of my life – that is why it hurt even more. Xx


  2. Sad to hear this, I know how much you loved Snow. Snow will never be forgotten and lives in your heart. Good to get a companion again so 2 are together as friends.
    Comforting hugs xx

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  3. Oh no ! What can I say dear Sandra. I do know how much you loved Snow, how you cared for her and how you tried to get her fixed. I do know from previous experience what you have gone through while sitting with Snow as she passed. I know that you will really miss her and this post is a great tribute.
    By now you should be a proud owner of a new little one. What are you going to call her ?
    Chin up my friend. ❤

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    1. Hi Ralph§, thanks for understanding me so well. I have still been crying off and on and have to work in a few hours. Her name in Angel and she is tiny and I will post pics in the near future, I just want Snow to take centre stage for longer.

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      1. Yes, Snow should take centre stage for a while Sandra. What a lovely name for your new family addition. I am looking forward in seeing what she looks like. Take care ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, yeah, I already love her, she is a sweetie. I will love her in a lightly different way to Snow as Snow was a unique character. I saw her on my last two YouTube videos for each channel last night. It was nice but sad at the same time. I have spent over the last hour and a half changing the cage back to the way it was with the two levels as Angel was putting hay over her head and did not want to stay in the igloo with Chestnut – now they are both under the platform and Angel is not making a wining sound anymore – so that is a good sign. I was worried about her. There is a bit less room again but both piggies can bond and be happier together I think. Angel is used to an outdoor hutch with her mum, dad, and brother, and so a hidden compartment which the platform will now form.

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