Off To The Vets Again! 

My furry kids Snow and Chestnut
Snow (White) and Chestnut.

I love my Snow, she literally means the world to me and tomorrow she goes under anesthetic again. And she seems to be handling this news a lot better than me!

This morning I bathed her and Chestnut before work and you could see all the more, how much weight she has lost. Although her eyes and still bright and she is still strong inside and feisty – pushing past Chestnut at times and trying to climb out of the sink I bathed her in this morning. This is a recent picture of her before the most dramatic weight loss over this week. 

On Friday she was dropping some piggie mix from her mouth and coupled with the weight loss, I felt it was best to get her to see a vet that day. Chestnut always goes with her – good job, as Snow was diagnosed with mites aside from possibly her teeth being overgrown again and confirmed weight loss. She was 1kg on 31st May, now 8.08. But both have to have mite treatment and Chestnut has to be weighed for this too.

The vet could not see Snow’s teeth for the tongue being attached to her cheeks so tomorrow the head vet will anesthetise her to take a closer look at what is going on! I pray it is nothing worse and that Snow will be okay.

I am feeling sad now so going to say write soon and always follow your heart!

Love and hugs

Sandra xx

11 thoughts on “Off To The Vets Again! 

    1. Hi Ute, I am really tired today. Working a 6th day a week to pay for her operation and putting a lot of energy into looking after Snow – I am pretty exhausted. I intend to go to bed early tonight.

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      1. Haven’t eaten yet and still watching Snow as she is still finding it difficult to bite food – the vet said she may take a while to get used to her new chewing habit.


    1. Thanks. Ralph. Have to drop her off before work! Chestnut will keep her company. I am more bothered than she is. I had her out and was in tears and she is looking at me as much to say what is wrong with you. She heard the word anaesthetic though, and have me a sharp look at that. Squbbling with Chestnut over corn and igloo space early so still feisty. Hope you are okay? X

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      1. It was her teeth that needed to be cut and she has come through her operation fine so I can collect her after work. Yipeeee! I just need not money to pay for more regular operations.

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