When technology fails!

Exeter Cathedral!

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan because technology fails. I recorded a YouTube Video about a week ago and haven’t been able to upload it. My IPad had a software update and it no longer recognised when it was plugged into the Mac. The store I bought it from – where I work in my day job, reset my IPad, and all was good – or so I thought, but now I am having problems importing the video to my Mac, and when I tried to share my new 10 sec channel trailer from IMovie – it didn’t arrive in my YouTube Video Manager so I will have to keep on trying.

I  am currently working on two books, the Asexual Perspectives book and a brand new one that I haven’t revealed to anyone yet! – Suspense is good, right? Let’s just say it’s an autobiographical How-to, from one specific area of my life! That gives plenty of scope for books in other aras at a later date. My mission is to write a ton of non-fiction books to help others, predominantly using my own experiences, skills,  and knowledge, but sometimes, like in my Asexual Perspectives book, I will be interviewing people for it. I have interviewed over 40 asexuals from around the globe for this particular book and it will be told in their own words.

I also created a brand new channel ‘Inspiration Inspired’ it is called, and I have yet to upload the trailer for it, that took me 6 hours to create! I plan to create a motivational/inspirational video for it once a month, so please subscribe in advance to it and show your support, it would mean such a lot! I also plan on creating personal development courses in the future! Link

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon.


4 thoughts on “When technology fails!

  1. I have no idea what you are talking about technically Sandra, but I did click like on your very short video on YouTube. So it seems whatever the problem was you have it sorted. 😀 ❤

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    1. Hi Ralph, yes my friend, I found a way around the problem, but I still need to get a better solution because it is not in HD! Thanks for the Like, it’s always great to see it. That short video is my new short trailer for that channel for now. Did you see I have created an Inspiration Inspired channel? There are no videos on it yet, but there will be and after the initial official launch my challenge to myself is to produce 1 new Inspirational/Motivational video a month! It’s going to be hard work and lots of fun. My redundancy book trailer should be out July or Aug too and I will be advertising it on Facebook with a relaunch of my book.

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    1. Hi Ute, yes. I think this is going to be one of the biggest challenges and achivements of my life – second to writing and publishing more books. Thanks for your support and if you would like to subscribe that will be awesome as I think you will love the content and it’s nice to have support before it is officially launched!

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