ALWAYS COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – A HEART’S A HEART!! No matter what happens in life, always count your blessings. My Snow guinea pig has a rare condition where her tongue is attached to her cheeks!! And from now on she needs to have 3 operations a year and check-ups every 2 months. So now I am working extra hours in my day job – 6 days a weeks throughout promotional periods to pay for it, because the insurance company will only pay up to a maximum of half this year and may exclude it from my Snow guinea pig’s insurance completely next year, when it is due for renewal. On average Snow has got another 4 years of potential life left in her and in-between treatments she is happy, playful, and eating/drinking. So I choose to work more hours, so she can live, otherwise she dies. It has taken some adjusting to, but she is worth every penny and a heart is a heart, no matter whether it is covered in fur or skin!

Stay quirky and write soon



    1. Hi Ralph, thank you. I think Chestnut is better when I am just holding her. I was worried about my back too – especially as I damaged my back years ago doing a role play in work that involved me pretending to be an old woman with a hunched back. Apart from the usual pain, it is fine thanks.

      On my one day off, I had iMovie training this moroning, did a bit of shopping, cleaning my floors and then my friend came over to do more of my redundancy book trailer – a year later! There is so much footage, but it will be awesome when finished. The music is incredible. Then I had a Live Q and A webinar for a course I am doing – it was great. Spoke to a friend and my mum and now I am going to get an early night sleep in the next half an hour – hopefully. No rest for the good.

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      1. I agree, animals do like to be cuddled and I am sure that Chestnut was happy with you holding her.
        I know you have problems with your back, that’s why I mentioned it. You will have to find a different position next time Sandra.
        Quite a moroning ! (heehee) 😀
        I bet you haven’t gone to sleep yet ❤

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