New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature

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I have been busy updating and redesigning sites this week – here is my latest post from new look site

New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature

Sporting a New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature, this site explains what one-to-one courses I teach for Blogging, Health and Happiness. It includes my most recent posts from the blogs I regularly post on. No longer do you have to wait for posts on here, you can click though and subscribe to those blogs or bookmark this site and scroll down to the bottom of the page to stay up-to-date.

I am by nature a writer, my huge passion for writing seeps into everything I do. Blogging for me has completely changed my life by enabling me to find my writer’s voice and I know it could do the same for you. Now I am a Kindle Author my writing and training people has become the main focal point of my life and my original writing blog blog is where my writing journey started for me, and where I will always reside first and foremost as a blogger. It’s my home, my comfy couch, and where I can love living every day. People follow me on my journey and share their lives with me there. That is something so special.

So rather than blog once in a while on here, I have decided to display my top posts on here from my other blogs I blog regularly on, so you will always be up-to-date on what is happening both personally and professionally, and can pick up some useful and helpful advice and tips along the way. I have 19 live websites and want to devote my time to giving you consistent blog posts that can make a difference across a few blogs, other than occasional ones here or on my other sites. My intention is to create lots of books and training courses for your personal and professional development across a range of genres – particularly books – it’s what I am born to do. So look out for future developments on my site and across my Quirky Books sites. In the meantime, subscribe to my blog to keep up with what is happening and my for personal and professional development and inspiration.

I have actually been suffering Burnout this week, because while I have been on holiday from my day job, I have been working most days on my websites and got lower than normal blood pressure which has dizzy and feeling like I am going to fall on the floor side-effects, so I rested yesterday and half of Friday, although apparently I need to read and get more sleep for the next few weeks.

I want to ensure all of my websites are as up-to-date as possible and refer people to my blog on here and my blog. Because besides this and that blog, and my I want to now focus on developing my other quirky books sites and my site into books and courses for people’s personal and professional development, spanning multiple topics of non-fiction self-help/how-to, and with video training courses aimed especially at the beginner market to maybe more advanced. With very short video training and longer courses to suit different tastes and pockets. ~The main thing is, I want to write constantly, so books will always be first and foremost my priority and I really want to excel at being a Kindle Author. My Twitter book is selling well and I couldn’t be more pleased that Amazon is actually advertising the book for me now. I have received two emails so far, with my own book at the top of the list as a recommended book to buy. I truly believe that I need to devote the majority of my time now to writing, and trying to manage so many other sites has posed the question should I get rid of some or any of them – but as I spent 3 years building them up and they can almost all be connected to my writing in some way in the future, and most to courses, I don’t want to make a hasty decision. I literally want to devote my life mostly to writing books for Kindle, until I can get the books in me, out, I feel I am going to burst. – What are your thoughts on this??

As always, stay quirky and write soon, Sandra xx

4 thoughts on “New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature

      1. I am so pleased that you had a great weekend Sandra, but, wow, seven days straight is quite something. I do hope that you can handle it my friend xox ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, you know me, I am a fighter and surviver – and thriver! I have had some great news about my book today and just writing a post about it. I did really well in my first hour back to work today and coped well. I have made the manager’s aware of my low blood pressure and hoping that it is returning to normal if I stay positive, work my current action plan, and take a bit of time out now and again. And take it easier in my day job. Thanks for caring xx

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