CAN ANYONE HELP MY SNOW? My Guinea Pig’s Tongue is Attached to her Cheeks! PLEASE READ/SHARE THIS!!

Tongue attached to my guinea pig's cheeks
Please can you help my Snow? Snow is the white guinea pig – with the tongue attached to her cheeks problem – Have you heard of it? What can be done to save her?

CAN ANYONE HELP MY SNOW? My Guinea Pig’s Tongue is Attached to her Cheeks!

On Tuesday morning, Snow went to the vets as an emergency. She had stopped drinking and eating her piggie mix, and was lethargic and ill the previous night and I asked my parents provisionally if they would take her to the vets the next morning while I went to work. She was just eating a little spinach. She had to have emergency surgery own her teeth as she was poorly and dehydrated.

Snow is still alive as she made it through her operation okay, but I am devastated that she will have to have an operation on her teeth, 3 times a year for the rest of life! The vet found something they have never seen before – Snow’s tongue is attached to both her cheeks!!! Making it hard for her to eat and her teeth overgrow on her tongue which stops her eating. She then has to have her teeth cut, but they cannot use the normal piece of equipment in her mouth to do the operation because of the way her cheeks are attached. They can’t cut the tongue away from the cheeks and so she will continue to need her teeth cutting otherwise she can’t eat and drink and will die. She is recommended to have a check to every two months and an operation 3 times a year.

Last time she had her teeth cut was at the beginning of Jan – Jan 2nd was her first consultation about it, and the vet who did this first operation, never saw the problem then, or before, in is his entire veterinary career, and he used to be a speaker on exotic pets when he was in South Africa! The vet who did the surgery at the same practise, has never seen anything like it before and there is nothing on Google about it. They are baffled by it. I phoned and spoke to another veterinary practice which is supposed to be the top in the country and they have not ever heard of such a thing either. Today my vet said her tongue is attached to her cheeks by like a mucous, made of her same cheek material! They are baffled. It wasn’t there is January and there may be veins in the bit that is attached. PLEASE CAN YOU SHARE THIS POST TO ASK IF ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN HELP MY SNOW!! HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN OR HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?? AND WHAT CAN BE DONE?

I asked what happens when she is very old and needs an operation because of her teeth, as it’s my worst fear and I would rather know what will happen, and it will be literally a do or die situation – if they don’t do it when she is old she will die and she could die under anaesthetic. Every time she has an operation there is still a risk not only because of the anaesthetic, but also the risk of not resuming eating quickly and her gut not working properly. I have had one guinea pig die in the past from a teeth operation because he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic, and another one died from gut statis – where the gut stopped working after not returning quick enough to eating after a teeth operation, and from another operation she had to have, as she was too weak to stay alive after it. This is very upsetting about Snow. She is insured but they don’t always pay for teeth operations and if they don’t, trying to pay for that 3 times a year and checkups every two months/taxis back and forth, is going to be very difficult. Please can you share this as I need to find a solution to help her to live as long and full life as possible. If it has happened since January, there is no telling what will happen to her in the future. She is recovering well from this operation and currently being looking after by my mum. PLEASE HELP AND SHARE THIS asking if anyone has heard of it and knows what to do? The vet drew me a diagram but WordPress keeps saying the photo is an error! No matter whether I upload it from my Mac or phone. So I hope the description will at least help.

Please share this, it would mean so much.

Love and hugs and Wheeks from Snow and Chestnut!


15 thoughts on “CAN ANYONE HELP MY SNOW? My Guinea Pig’s Tongue is Attached to her Cheeks! PLEASE READ/SHARE THIS!!

    1. Hey Star, thank you. The worry about Snow coupled with recent events and a chest infection that I am almost over, has lead to ill health in some ways for me. I currently have lower than normal blood pressure. Snow is well and happy at the moment since her last operation. I just wish a solution could be found for her problem so that she would not have to have 3 operations a year and checkups every couple of months – the operations are always a risk, but as gets older, even more so. She’s a tough cookie like her mum, but is a constant worry to me at the moment. So glad she had the recent op or I would have lost my Snow. The vets acted as quickly as they could and I a so grateful and thankful for that.


    1. Hiya, yes. At the moment after having her teeth cut she is eating, drinking, pushing her new call around her care and full of life and energy so her quality of life is good until her teeth get overgrown and dig into her tongue. And that’s because of this one off condition with her tongue so she needs to keep having her teeth cut to sustain her good quality of life and have more check-ups. But a cure to the tongue/cheek problem is what I need to prevent her having to have operations which are always risky (more we she gets older) but she is still young, and for any further complications in the future.

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  1. I have had guinea pigs all my life and never heard of this before, and I am wondering if this is an issue that has just started would it be worth biopsying the membrane or even some sort of MRI type scan to be sure this is not some form of guinea pig mouth cancer growth (hate to sound pessimistic but have always been a realist), I do fear you may very well have to do some serious soul searching between your love for her and her quality of life in the long run, if you are thinking she will need this treatment every three months then that is being knocked out four times a year and the stress on her of travelling, as well as judging whether the actually attachment of the tongue is causing her discomfort or pain, you know you piggies so will judge their happiness better than anyone, will I hope someone has a miracle fix for you a fear you have hard choices ahead xxxx

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    1. Hi Paula, to do an MRI scan would be over £1000 because my vet said yesterday that she would have to be referred to a specialist clinic, but she could not have it done anyway, because the thing they need to put in her mouth to do it, would not fit because of the mouth problem she has. It’s strange if it is a growth that it would be attached exactly the same both sides. At the moment she is eating and drinking again as she recovers at my mum and dad’s and playing with her new ball they bought her. It depends how it pans out in the future, but yeah, it’s the most horrid situation to be in right now. She is not in any pain apart from when her teeth become overgrown at the back, which is why she has to have them cut 3 times a year. The travelling is just a taxi to her vets as I don’t drive, and I live at the opposite end of the city.


  2. I am so sorry to read about Snow Sandra. I know how much you love your piggy and I do hope that your request for an answer to her problem will be out there somewhere and that someone who is reading this can give you a link. Big hug to you and Snow. Ralph ❤

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    1. Hi Ralph, it seems there is nothing like it in the world – even Google does not return any answers – I am devastated and beside myself with worry. I just don’t know what to do – they are baffled by it and my vets are highly qualified in surgery and treatment of guinea pigs. I have so much stuff to do and I just don’t know what to do because my mind is on Snow and what the future may hold and the money worries and upset, it’s really tough this one!! Thanks for always being here to support me, you have no idea what a comfort you are xx Hug xx

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