is Live and Launched – New Asexual Perspectives Book is Coming!

It’s been a very busy 10 days. There was chestnut’s birthday on 22nd of April – as pictured in this new  website launch Pic – I thought it made for an interesting pic as did the balloons in this video – it was my birthday on the 24th – I tried to post some pics from my phone, but they haven’t even saved in my drafts by the look of it, so I will have to go through that process again. I had a blast – which I will tell you about with the pics in a new post.

So I launched my new site which I had been shouting about on this ‘Asexualise My Asexual Life’ channel that this video is taken from. It is a website with products, resources and services, for asexuals, and also features a blog – my first ever blog about asexuality! It also features my ‘Asexualise’ brand of T Shirts – yes, I design my own T Shirts on and Redbubble (although I paid a designer to do the artwork on some of them). Here is one of my Top Sellers that has a 5 Star Review …..

I am going to be creating T Shirts for Writer’s in the future and will post about them on here at a later date so watch this space. I also have two other brand of T Shirts too – Including Quirky T Shirt – I have some site changes in the future so it’s all very exciting stuff.

I have been to Devon Business Expo this week and watched webinars, videos, and been reading for training for my businesses. Please remember how much I love you and that I don’t forget you, just sorry I have been slow to blog on here and the fact I am not stopping by much. As I write this, it is before I go to work in my day job on a Bank Holiday Monday, and I have to jump in the shower in a minute!

My Twitter book is doing really well – if you are a beginner to Twitter or have started and have no clue what you are doing, please check it out, it is still only $1.40 or 99p and has a 5 Star review, you won’t be disappointed.

I am working hard interviewing Asexuals from around the globe for my new Asexual Perspectives, Love Life and Sex, ACElebration of Diversity book – It is a huge deal to many asexuals, including me. It is going to show just how awesome we are, and hopefully help those with a sexual orientation to understand us better – as I have had sex in the past and have highly sexual friends, I think I can help to bridge the understanding gap, between both. This book should help with this, and will be an interesting read for asexuals and asexuals too, I have an interesting page for more info about what is going on with all of the asexual stuff I do . Love is love and I love you – remember that! xx And stay quirky!

Write soon

Sandra x

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