How To Get Started With Twitter – 5 Star Review

So lately I decided to go back to my roots and follow my dream career of having my own ebook store full of my own ebooks as I literally live and breathe writing, it’s simply a part of who I am and I cannot, not do it. – I actually bought my virtual ebook shop template years ago – some of you may remember, but I did not have books to put on it. Last year I finally self-published my book that took me two and a half years to write and this Twitter book took me far less time too write, and has been selling well, it’s only 99p, so it’s not surprising.

How to Get Started With Twitter
How To GET STARTED WITH TWITTER For Absolute Beginners GET GOING AND GET GROWING A Step-By-Step Guide Kindle Edition

My new Twitter book received it’s first review that is 5 Stars and I wanted to share it with you, so happy right now that those long hours of work have paid off and thanks for sticking with me while I was off here for a while working on it.

I bought Sandra Bellamy’s book. I wanted to really … 19 April 2016
By Viviana Vitarelli – Published on
“I bought Sandra Bellamy’s book. I wanted to really get 100% out of my Twitter account. It tackles all of the basics but as you keep reading there’s so much more to it. If you’re starting out Sandra ‘s book will allow you to start twitting and above all getting the most out of it.”

Available on Amazon UK

Amazon USA

‘My Asexual Perspectives, Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Diversity’ book, is a huge project, and for the next 2-3 months is going to be a main focus for me. I have by overwhelmed in an awesome way, with the many fantastic interview responses I have received so far – it’s truly going to be a life changing book for asexuality and for the individuals who are contributing to it.

I also have plans to write many more books – I already started work on my next non-asexual non-fiction book called ‘How To Survive On Little Or No Sleep,’ For Those Who Can’t, Don’t, Or won’t’ – I think I am well qualified to write this one, and a guy on Twitter already said he wants to buy it when I just told him the title of it – he knows I don’t sleep much and wants to be able to sleep less and get more out of life!!

Keep rocking YOUR stuff, doing YOUR thing, living YOUR dreams and YOUR passions – it’s an exciting time when anything awesome could happen. Love you all dearly. Sorry I am not getting around blogs much – I am also currently finishing building my site that is to be launched soon. Exciting stuff! xx

PS. It’s my birthday this weekend (Sun) and I am actually having two days off from work to celebrate ( Sat and Sun) with two amazingly full day, day trips out, with two good friends – can’t wait! Bristol Zoo with a friend on Saturday – yes again, love it, and two movies. Then on Sun I am off to Plymouth aquarium with another friend and seeing my parents – Seeing a friend for an early celebration after work tomorrow!

It’s Chestnut’s second birthday on Saturday – day before mine, but as I am away almost the whole day, I will most probably celebrate it with her on Friday – time for a piggie video I think!

Stay quirky! And – Write soon xx


22 thoughts on “How To Get Started With Twitter – 5 Star Review

      1. The book looks interesting. I think it is a perfect fit for my intended audience: those of us on WordPress who are looking to write / publish and likely use KDP or Smashwords as venues for publication (beyond WordPress). Promotional tools (and that is what Twitter is from this viewpoint) are essential to making that viable. Hope to see more work of a similar quality from you!

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      2. I forgot to say I am working on a third book in another genre that I am about a third through and I also want to write a follow up Twitter book on h
        How to get more Twitter Followers

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      3. Hi Grandtrines. I think you learn what works better and how you can improve – my third book is very different in format though so have nothing to compare it too. I have interviewed 40+ people for it and one person’s answers is 19 pages long. The least is 5. So it’s going to be a big book. It’s tough correcting all the spelling of those and punctuation – I am keeping their original voices though so it won’t be grammar perfect. The second Twitter book I have in mind, I still need to do more research to give wider options and expand on what I personally know and use. If you would like to review my book on Amazon – it would be helpful. People take notice of reviews. It has one 5 Star review already.

        Also time is a factor for me, I have to work more days next month to pay for my furry Kid guineapig Snow’s operations to live. She is one of my two babies. But I won’t stop writing, it’s within my soul every day. Just her life comes first.

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      4. Hi Grandtrines, yeah, I am still figuring it out. I study a lot about KDP but still consider myself a newbie with a lot of determination to succeed and a lot more learning to do. First book sold better in terms of unit price is higher, but second book it selling more in volume and regularity. Defintely a learning curve for me.


      5. Hi Grandtrines, I take it you are both? Thanks for your insight. I have used KPIs for years as I work in retail for a day job and have worked in retail for most of my life – when I worked in management for over 7 years of those, KPIs were essential for monitoring staff performance.

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      6. Yes, I am both. I do not work retail, but sounds like you are a kindred spirit. You understand both so you “get it” in a conversation like this one.

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      7. Hi Grandtrines, yes, I think both are essential to business and I have recently learnt to treat Kindle Publishing more like a business. I still love the creativity first and foremost, but do need to think of it like that to sell more books. My learning style is Theorist/Activist in that order, but close to each other, so I like facts and reading small print.


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